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Authors: Mei Li Meng, Bing Wu, Xue Yi Fu, Can Sun
Abstract: Suspend-dome structure is adopted in Pingshan Basketball Gymnasium for Universiade 2011 Shenzhen. The suspend-dome is a prestressed structural system with the combination of rigid-flexible. Due to the less of actual projects and the lack of construction experience, the analysis of the whole construction simulation for the roof would be much important. Focused on the features of the project, considered the actual condition of the construction, the construction schedule and the tension sequence were chosen, the prestressed construction simulation analysis was carried through the infinite element calculation, the member force and deformation evolution was achieved from the analysis, which would be used to make sure the safety of the construction process. The key issues and relevant construction methods for the construction of the suspend-dome were summarized, which could be used as reference in the similar projects.
Authors: Peng Cheng Zhang, Qin Yuan
Abstract: As the essential vertical transportation in multistory or high-rise building, stairs is very important. When2008, 5.12Wen-Chuan earthquake occurred, many staircases were seriously damaged especially in the multistory framework structures which were built in recent years. It seems probable that some common fault happened in the design work. In the multistory framework the stairs member may contribute stiffness as a "K"-shaped brace which effecting the deformation of the frame notably, triggering tension or compression to the stairs plate, however, the "K"-shaped brace effecting were neglected in the design courses. This paper analysis the seismic damage of staircase and stairs, puts forward in multistory framework, the design of stairs can choose "rigid" or "flexible" solvent. The suggested methods can be use either to repair the existing stair structure or to design stairs for new frame building in order to improve the structural function of stairs and the overall building.
Authors: Ya Fang Zhang, Hao Liu, Lin Li
Abstract: Two kinds of fiber, which are steel fiber with high elasticity modulus and polypropylene fiber with low elasticity modulus, have been incorporated into concrete in order to improve its mechanical properties of low strain capacity. To study the impact of flexural strength of hybrid fiber concrete, in this paper, a meso-level numerical model of steel-polypropylene fiber reinforced concrete has been established. By changing the incorporation ratio of two kinds of fiber, the optimized ratio has been identified. The results indicate that when two kinds of fiber are added, brittleness of concrete has been significantly improved.
Authors: Sheng Chuan Liu
Abstract: Compared with general roadbed,high fill embankment has the characteristics such as higher height, larger cumulate settlement and it’s stability should be technical analyzed. High fill embankment is one of the most important projects in highway engineering. The settlement in highway construction, especially the differential settlements, may lead to the cleft and stagger of pavement,and largely affect the quality of driving as well as the operational life span. So how to reduce the settlement and get rid of the danger made by the settlement has been an important subject in highway construction field and the research has important reality significance. Therefore, in order to master the deformation law of high fill embankment on rock slope under complicated stress conditions, systems of monitoring network are established to monitor the settlement of high embankment with strong weathering filling, high embankment on rock slop and high rock fill abrupt slope embankment respectively. Through analysis of settlement of high fill embankment stability under complicated stress conditions, conclusions are made in details.
Authors: Yun Peng Chu, Yong Yao, De Bin Li
Abstract: The beam-column joints of steel solid-web portal frame has high stress concentration, which cause brittle fracture of plate under reciprocating load. Low reciprocating load test and finite element analysis for three kinds of joints, Discussing the ultimate bearing capacity, hysteretic performance and fracture mechanic properties, Which the results shows that: the bearing capacity of improved joint has grater increased than the joint with endplate keep upright; when load to limit state, the flange plate of joint with endplate keep upright has strong fracture performance, this point has been proved during the experiments; According to the numerical distribution of cracks factor, can qualitative identify dangerous position of component, as a basis of fracture fortification for structure.
Authors: Hui Rong Huang, Yi Jie Zhu, Jia Yuan Guo, Xiao Yuan Feng
Abstract: Abstract: The models of un-stiffened, cross stiffened and diagonal stiffened are established by the APDL language of ANSYS, then their reliabilities of stochastic finite element are researched. The result shows that, under the equal seismic forces, the reliability of the three models from childhood in order as is the un-stiffened, the cross stiffened and the diagonal stiffened. And the vertical pressure is the most effective factor toward the three models. Recently years, the study about the steel plate shear wall at home and abroad is almost the research [1,2] of experience and hysteretic performance by the theory combined with experiences. Xianzeng Li [3], who discussed the feasibility of thin steel plate shear wall which is used in the seismic area, studied the stress structure feature and seismic feature of the thin steel plate shear wall under the drab and cyclic loads by finite element. The shear performance under one-way load and the hysteretic performance of the diagonal stiffened were researched deeply by Chunhua Cao [4,5], and the result shows that it’s an excellent part of resisting lateral force with full stability lag circle and high security reserve. In this text, the analysis about the reliability of steel plate spear wall is completed.
Authors: Gang Wei
Abstract: Considering the interaction of building-soil-tunnel, the strip foundation masonry building vertical crossed by shield tunnel was simulated by 3D MIDAS/GTS software, and the stress and deformation of building before and after shield machine through the building were analyzed. The results showed that: the deformation and the force are different with different angles through the building; with the angle increases, the central base settlement slightly increased; the maximum overall differential settlement reached at 45 degrees; the maximum shear strain is reached when the machine is completely through the building; with the increase of crossed degree from 22.5 degrees, 45 degrees, 67.5 degrees to 90 degrees, the maximum shear strain of wall increases; the plastic zone of wall is mainly at the top cross position in the wall.
Authors: Hao Wu, Qin Fang
Abstract: Based on the large amounts of field impact tests with different projectile nosed shapes, the abilities of the existing classical empirical and semi-empirical impact formulae in predicting the local damage of normal and high strength concrete targets (NSCT & HSCT) under the strike of rigid projectile were evaluated. It finds that, firstly, for the penetration depth, the Forrestal and Chen & Li semi-empirical formulae, BRL and Whiffen empirical formulae are advised for the NSCT under the impact of ogive nosed projectile; and Chen & Li semi-empirical formula and ACE empirical formulae are advised for the NSCT under the impact of special nosed projectile; the dimensionless penetration depth of NSCT increases linearly with the non-dimensional impact factor. Secondly, for the penetration depth, Chen & Li semi-empirical formula is advised for the HSCT under the mid-to-high speed impact, and the existing formulae are not applicable while the speed of the projectile was relatively low. Thirdly, for the perforation mode of the target, the BRL and Chang empirical formulae are advised for the NSCT, and the Chen semi-empirical formula, ACE and BRL empirical formulae are advised for the HSCT.
Authors: Feng Song, Shao Jie Wang
Abstract: Using finite element software ANSYS to do quasi-static numerical analysis for frame beam which supportted both in beam and columns. Analysis of simulation comes to a dangerous section of the frame beam position, and comes to the general rules of beam damage. The results showed that: dangerous section in columns end, and the end of the main and secondary girder are more safer;Board has a great contribution to improve the bearing capacity, especially for Beam-column nodes,at the same time the steel of plate surface which in beam and plate bottom which in columns have a great contribution to improve the capacity of the beam bending.
Authors: Ping Xin Sun, Xin Tang Wang, Hong Liang Sun
Abstract: In order to study the post-fire bearing capacity and performance of the profiled sheet-light aggregate concrete composite floor after exposure to fire load, experimental study of post-fire bearing capacity of a profiled sheet-ceramsite concrete composite floor subjected to dead load, which has no shearing nails, is carried out here. Based on the experimental results, the post-fire bearing capacity of the composite floor after exposure to fire is analyzed. It is shown that the failure form of the profiled sheet-lightweight concrete composite floor after exposure to fire has obvious change compared with the floor not subjected to fire load, and the ultimate value of the equivalent distributed load applied to the top surface of the floor is up to 35 kN/m2, which may be used as basis of strengthening and repairing of the profiled sheet-lightweight aggregate concrete composite floor after exposure to fire.

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