Advances in Civil Engineering and Architecture Innovation

Volumes 368-373

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Mei Li Meng, Bing Wu, Xue Yi Fu, Can Sun

Abstract: Suspend-dome structure is adopted in Pingshan Basketball Gymnasium for Universiade 2011 Shenzhen. The suspend-dome is a prestressed...

Authors: Peng Cheng Zhang, Qin Yuan

Abstract: As the essential vertical transportation in multistory or high-rise building, stairs is very important. When2008, 5.12Wen-Chuan earthquake...

Authors: Ya Fang Zhang, Hao Liu, Lin Li

Abstract: Two kinds of fiber, which are steel fiber with high elasticity modulus and polypropylene fiber with low elasticity modulus, have been...

Authors: Sheng Chuan Liu

Abstract: Compared with general roadbed,high fill embankment has the characteristics such as higher height, larger cumulate settlement and it’s...

Authors: Yun Peng Chu, Yong Yao, De Bin Li

Abstract: The beam-column joints of steel solid-web portal frame has high stress concentration, which cause brittle fracture of plate under...

Authors: Hui Rong Huang, Yi Jie Zhu, Jia Yuan Guo, Xiao Yuan Feng

Abstract: Abstract: The models of un-stiffened, cross stiffened and diagonal stiffened are established by the APDL language of ANSYS, then their...

Authors: Gang Wei

Abstract: Considering the interaction of building-soil-tunnel, the strip foundation masonry building vertical crossed by shield tunnel was simulated...

Authors: Hao Wu, Qin Fang

Abstract: Based on the large amounts of field impact tests with different projectile nosed shapes, the abilities of the existing classical empirical...

Authors: Feng Song, Shao Jie Wang

Abstract: Using finite element software ANSYS to do quasi-static numerical analysis for frame beam which supportted both in beam and columns. Analysis...

Authors: Ping Xin Sun, Xin Tang Wang, Hong Liang Sun

Abstract: In order to study the post-fire bearing capacity and performance of the profiled sheet-light aggregate concrete composite floor after...


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