Advances in Civil Engineering and Architecture Innovation

Volumes 368-373

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Hong Liang Sun, Xin Tang Wang, Ping Xin Sun

Abstract: To study the fire performance of the profiled sheet-light aggregate concrete composite floor subjected to fire load, study of fire response...

Authors: A Ping Wang, Peng Chang, Peng Zhang

Abstract: To study dynamic response law when the isolated structure eccentric, random vibration of eccentric isolation structure is analyzed by...

Authors: Yuan Chen, Jie Li

Abstract: In this article,by incorporating equivalent linearization method and the orthogonal expansion method into the wave finite element analysis...

Authors: Ting Yue Hao

Abstract: The vibration of buried pipeline is influenced by inner fluid and outer constrained soil. Euler-Bernoulli beam is analyzed in the vibration...

Authors: Wei Hou, Shuan Hai He, Cui Juan Wang, Gang Zhang

Abstract: Being aimed to deformation problem of pre-stressed concrete thin-walled multi-room box girders exposed to co-action of fire and load, on the...

Authors: Xiao Jun Guan, Guo Ping Chen, Ying Yang

Abstract: In the recent years, the wind energy building is rapidly developed world wide as a new kind of building style, for its low price and it’s...

Authors: Rui Xue Chen, Ling Yun Peng, Wei Ming Yan

Abstract: This article summarizes the work regarding the complex and viscous damping models of SDOF system. Through calculating dynamic equations...

Authors: Dong Yang Lv, Ning Li, Ren Zhe Zhai

Abstract: Six specimens of abnormal interior joints were tested under reversed cyclic loading. Experimental studies were carried out to investigate...

Authors: Hao Hua Jia, De Min Wei

Abstract: According to earthquake hazard, normal frame structures could hardly avoid failure of ‘Strong Beam and Weak Column’, weak layer and even...

Authors: Hua Jiang, Wei Shan

Abstract: Correctly analyze the formation mechanism and failure mode of the landslide and reasonably evaluate the stability of landslide, can provide...


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