Advances in Civil Engineering and Architecture Innovation

Volumes 368-373

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Guo Wei Ni, Deng Ling Jiang, Jia Rui Qi, Juan Nong Chen

Abstract: In order to improve the effect of isolation structure, the principles and behaviours of the base-isolation system are studied, and the types...

Authors: Hai Yan Liu, Da Wei Lv, Yong Jun Cui, Hong Gang Zhao, Shuai Han

Abstract: Based on the methods of qualitative and quantitative, the engineering geological characteristics of one high cut slope in Wanzhou region of...

Authors: Yan Sui, Hong Tie Zhao, Jian Yang Xue, Xi Cheng Zhang

Abstract: As an important structural member in Chinese timber structure system, Dougong has an excellent capability in earthquake resistance. Through...

Authors: Xiao Qing Zhao, Yao Dong Sun, Yong Hong Zhang

Abstract: The effect of moisture content on the density and the strength of cement-solidified sea silt road embankment adding phosphate tailing was...

Authors: Fang Wei Liao, Xiao Liu, Ping Liu

Abstract: Debris flow is one of the usual mountain geological disasters, and it is significant to assess and forecast its risk degree. The paper bases...

Authors: Tie Shan Ni

Abstract: In order to study the causes of freezing injury of railway subgrade and find out the effective method to solve this problem, so that the...

Authors: Ya Feng Xu, Li Zhang, Jian Song

Abstract: In order to analyze load bearing capacity of column with different steel tube diameters under horizontal displacement, and provide reference...

Authors: Wei Wang, Hai Tao Guan

Abstract: Based on the damage field survey of the industrial building in Wenchuan earthquake, the typical building seismic damage characteristics of...

Authors: Hai Wang Li, Jing Jing Guo, Jing Liu

Abstract: In this paper, the elasto-plastic dynamic analysis on the steel spatial arch truss with 60 m span and 0.4 rise-span ratio is carried out...

Authors: Ming Zhe Gao, Hui Min Li, Hua Tang, Qi Nan Cao

Abstract: Based on the analysis of the economic evaluation of green building, taking references of 《Evaluation standards of green building》 (GB / T...


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