Advances in Civil Engineering and Architecture Innovation

Volumes 368-373

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yan Jun Liu, Yong Mo Xu, Chun Lei Geng

Abstract: Cement industry is blamed for contributing heavily to climate change, environmental deterioration and excessive energy consumption, to find...

Authors: Dan Chai, Wen Zhou Yan

Abstract: Nowadays, there are many systems can be used in multi-layer civil building, such as masonry-concrete structure, cast-in-situ concrete...

Authors: Xu Lin Tang, Jian Cai, Qing Jun Chen, An He, Chun Yang

Abstract: In order to study the mechanical behavior of the joint between concrete filled steel tubular column and beam with discontinuous column tube...

Authors: Chang Yu Fang, Yao Ting Zhang

Abstract: In long-span cable-stay bridges, anchorage zone of cable-pylon is a key part to transfer cable force to pylon. Because of local concentrated...

Authors: Xin Zhong Zhang, Rui Yan Pang

Abstract: The sound insulation performance of Light steel structure wall directly affects the quality of housing and people’s feeling. A theoretical...

Authors: De Run Du, Kun Dong, Ji Tong Jiang, Song Yang

Abstract: The low-cycle repeated load tests were conducted for two composite frames, with reinforced concrete column and steel reinforced concrete...

Authors: Wei Bin Yuan, Shi Long Ma

Abstract: An investigation of the octagon-shaped concrete-filled double skin steel tubular columns which used PVC-U pipe to replace the steel tube as...

Authors: Tao Cheng

Abstract: The nonlinear constitutive relations of clay are investigated with different initial stress conditions. Two series of triaxial compression...

Authors: Ru Heng Wang, Juan Han

Abstract: The purpose of this paper is to focus on analyzing its flexural capacity under concentrated force at the two points of a symmetrical load...

Authors: Xiang Sheng Duan, Yang Yang, Zhi Wei Li, Yu Jie Gong

Abstract: Tianjin Tower is the tallest building in North China. It is an out-of-code super high-rise building. Considering the special structure and...


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