Sustainable Development of Urban Environment and Building Material

Volumes 374-377

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xian Qiu Zhang, Jing Feng Xu, Ming Xia Du, Yong Zhang

Abstract: A boiler-water treatment device main composed of solar energy heater and reverse osmosis was designed Experiments on permeation flow and...

Authors: Sui Yi Zhu, Ming Xin Huo, Kang Zhou, Jian Wang, Xia Yang

Abstract: Synthesized wastewater containing quinoline photocatalytic oxidized at 0, 30 and 60 min respectively were applied in flask cultivation of...

Authors: Ya Na Ning, Yun Han, Dang Cong Peng

Abstract: In order to study the differences of dissolved organic matter (DOM) characteristics between the secondary effluent and the surface water,...

Authors: Meng Lin, Yun Han

Abstract: Abstract:The constructed wetland is a new kind of wastewater treatment developing in recent years, which is very suitable for the regional...

Authors: Rui Liu, Hao Luo

Abstract: Point out the significance of establishing the operational mathematic model of reverse osmosis membrane module, deduce integral operational...

Authors: Yang Lin Ou, Zhi Li Chen, Zhen Jie Ren, Yi Yang

Abstract: The current problems of drainage system have been analyzed by addressing the current situation of combined sewerage system in Chongqing...

Authors: Peng Zeng, Tian Ji Chen, Jiang Shen

Abstract: Thermal properties of Brain, gill, hepatopancreas, muscle and blood of Carassius living in 8°C were investigated by differential scanning...

Authors: Xi Tian, De Jun Bian, Qing Kai Ren, Hong Qu, Li Guo Wan, Yan Zuo

Abstract: It used dissolved oxygen meter to detect dissolved different oxygen concentration within wastewater treatment reactor and analysed reasons...

Authors: Li Mei Jin, Wen Xin Shi, Shui Li Yu, Xue Song Yi

Abstract: A novel organic-inorganic nanocomposite NF membrane containing SiO2 were prepared by interfacial polymerization on polysulfone (PSF)...

Authors: Zhuo Mao, Fu Lin Wang, Teng Gao, Yun Chuang Dai, Qian Chuan Zhao, Yin Zhao, Biao Sun, Jing Guo, Fan Zhang

Abstract: The present indoor environmental control is implemented according to indoor environmental parameter set points. However room occupants...


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