Sustainable Development of Urban Environment and Building Material

Volumes 374-377

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Bing Tao Liu, Jin Xia Yan

Abstract: Excess sludge disintegration at normal temperature to promote hydrolysis and acidification is an effective method. The mechanisms, treatment...

Authors: Wen Li Wei, Xiao Jun Zhao, Yu Ling Liu, Ming Qin Liu

Abstract: Numerical modeling of open channel flows with dam-break using explicit finite difference schemes is constrained by the choice of time step,...

Authors: Xiao Rong Meng, Liang Zhao, Lei Wang, Dan Xi Huang

Abstract: In this study, the poly(vinylidene fluoride) (PVDF) Flat ultrafiltration membrane was prepared the gel phase inversion method using different...

Authors: Bing Tao Liu, Fa Zhan Li, Li Zhang

Abstract: The feasibility of saving energy for A2/O processes was studied in a wastewater treament plant located in beijing by means of field...

Authors: Ming Qin Liu, Yu Ling Liu

Abstract: A numerical model for simulating of 2D flow around a spur dike was presented by using the physical fractional-step method. The water...

Authors: Shuang Ping Duan

Abstract: The paper presents a qualitative effect of ventilation mode at daytime, night ventilation flow and outdoor air temperature, the temperature...

Authors: Yan Peng Wu, Xiao Dong Wang, Zi Guang Chen, Chao Ying Zhang

Abstract: Dusts and condensation which exist in the application of solar light pipes can affect daylighting performance. The influence of daylighting...

Authors: Xiao Tan Hou, An Gui Li, Zhi Hua Wang, Yu Jiao Zhao

Abstract: Indoor air quality of commercial kitchen is investigated and analyzed through velocity, temperature, humidity, and CO2 concentration under...

Authors: Ping Cao, Ying Hu

Abstract: The balcony type flat solar heating water system is becoming the first choice of high residential building for it’s high thermal efficiency,...

Authors: Han Xu, Sheng Jun Liu, Jia Yong Hu

Abstract: With the rapid development of social economy, the noise pollution of road traffic increasingly serious. In 2010 the roads with quality road...


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