Sustainable Development of Urban Environment and Building Material

Volumes 374-377

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jun Qing Liu

Abstract: With the energy crisis,energy saving becomes a worldwide topic,Construction as the three major energy-consuming industries naturally become...

Authors: Jian Yang, Jiang Chang, Yi Ping Gan, Jin Hua Gao

Abstract: The primary objective of this research was to evaluate the effectiveness of a magnetic ion exchange process (MIEX) in removing inorganic...

Authors: Ya Jie Yan

Abstract: According to the sloping roof engineering characteristics of multi-storied buildings, summarized from architectural design, structural...

Authors: Li Xin Sun, Yu Zhong Yang, Zhen Pan

Abstract: At present, the use of sun-shading system in China has developed rapidly. Requirements and calculation methods for sun-shading system were...

Authors: Xiao Feng Yu, Peng Peng, Yi Tang

Abstract: With the accelerated development of urbanization human’s activities are playing an increasing negative impact on ecological security of...

Authors: Lei Yuan, Xue Song Xu, Li Li Shao, Bo Li, Jia Meng Wu

Abstract: In this paper, CFD simulations of the wind environment of four typical urban spaces in Shenzhen are introduced. The boundary conditions for...

Authors: Xiang Jun Liu, Dan Li Wang

Abstract: A commercial zeolite pellet is formed by binding large numbers of small crystals with microporous material. Its Micro-structure has great...

Authors: Yi Ren Wu, Heng Gen Shen, Min Fang, Jin He

Abstract: In this paper we contrast the velocity fields of uniform and non-uniform porous filter media in folding-type air filters under different...

Authors: Ruo Dong Ge, Ai Ping Yu, Ke Yu Wei

Abstract: For comparing the difference between Salt ponding test and ASTMC1202 test, the same batch of specimens divided into two groups are tested,...

Authors: Li Hua Zhao, Wei Wei, Chao Lian, Xian Cong Zhao, Hao Bai, Da Qiang Cang

Abstract: This paper demonstrated a new approach to the utilization of steel slag and provided a pattern for steel slag ceramic synthesis. Based on...


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