Sustainable Development of Urban Environment and Building Material

Volumes 374-377

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Wei Bo Huang, Jia Yu Xiang, Ping Lv, Xin Mao Li

Abstract: Researches of spray pure polyurea technology for hydraulic concrete protection in water conservancy facilities to ensure long term security...

Authors: Kang Hai Tan, Bo Yang

Abstract: Firstly, this paper presents an overview of DoD code [1] against progressive collapse and points out the shortcomings of the current design...

Authors: Joo Hwan Jang, Nam Yong Jee, Seung Yup Roh

Abstract: It was the much more variation through the development of technology of housing construction and the change of life cycle of occupation and...

Authors: Feng Chun Zhang

Abstract: according to the road use functions, the article for asphalt mixture of high temperature stability, the low temperature crack performance is...

Authors: Zhi Xiang Zhang, Wei Liu, Xiao Yan Li

Abstract: In this paper, the research of Low-Noise Asphalt Pavement(LNAP)mix design with the crumb rubber has been studied, including materials...

Authors: Ke Chen, Chang Hui Yang, Ze Dong Yu, Qun Pan, Shuang Zhao

Abstract: Through test on influence of water reducer agent YC on properties of alkali activated slag cement mortar, it is shown that water reducer...

Authors: Liang Fan, Yu Zhen Zhang, Shi Jie Ma

Abstract: This report mainly studied rheological property and phase separation of modified asphalt by waste crumb rubber with some methods including...

Authors: Jian Wei Ma, Gang Xu, Lei Miao

Abstract: Vanadium dioxide (VO2) films were prepared on quartz glass and TiO2-coated quartz glass substrates by reactive...

Authors: Fang Ran Zhao, Mian Mian Chen, Zhao Lu Ding

Abstract: This paper presents an effective model which can equivalently regard the pores in the porous concrete as a series of capillary bundles with...

Authors: Guang Cheng Long, Zhe Li, You Jun Xie

Abstract: An extensive research programme was set up to investigate the efficiency of scrap rubber particles on strength of cementitious materials....


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