Sustainable Development of Urban Environment and Building Material

Volumes 374-377

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Qing Wang, Jing Zhang, Jing Da, Hui Zhao, Kun Ran

Abstract: Phase change materials were prepared by the paraffin wax as phase change materials and expanded perlite as adsorption carrier in this paper....

Authors: Pei Xi Ding, Li Ru Yin

Abstract: Ceramiste, a lightweight aggregate(LWA), has large numbers advantages: high strength, thermal insulation, anti-seismic and so on. The...

Authors: Hui Wen Wang, Xiao Juan Sun, Zai Lin Yang

Abstract: The scattering of subsurface cylindrical cavity near multiple semi-cylindrical alluvial valleys under incident SH waves is studied in this...

Authors: Zhong Fan Chen, Wei Gao

Abstract: CTSRC(cold-formed thin-walled steel reinforced concrete) structure system is one new type of industrial structure system,which uses the...

Authors: Pei Zhang, Qing Xiang Huang

Abstract: Through the simulation model test, coupling effect between single key strata and t overburden thick sandy soil layer is studied, failure...

Authors: Yun Wang

Abstract: Cementing materials are one of the most indispensable materials for national economy and people's lives. In order to adapt new materials...

Authors: Qing Bo Tian, Li Na Xu, Li Yang, Xiu Hui Wang, Hong Gao

Abstract: A concrete paving blocks was produced using pretreated concrete wastes as main raw material by pressure forming and steam-curing at 70°C....

Authors: Paulo Sérgio Bardella, Gladis Camarini

Abstract: Commercial plaster (CaSO4•1/2H2O) is a material used in building construction all over the world. This construction material is used...

Authors: Peng Xuan Duan, Ye Zhang, Yuan Chao Miao, Ying Li

Abstract: This paper describes replacing natural gypsum with FGD gypsum as cement retarder, the influence on the working performance, compressive...

Authors: Wei Qun Cao, Hong Fan, Tie Jun Zhao

Abstract: In many cases, service life of reinforced concrete structures is severely limited by chloride penetration until the steel reinforcement....


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