Sustainable Development of Urban Environment and Building Material

Volumes 374-377

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Qi Feng Cheng, Bao Lian Wen, Mei Dan Li, Wen Ling Tian, Chun Yang Wang, Zheng Zhong Li, Hui Ming Huang

Abstract: Concrete is the most consumed building material worldwide today, which durability has been paid close attentions for a long time....

Authors: Rui Xia Li, Pei Wen Hao, Chun Wang

Abstract: With the experiments of dynamic shear rheometer(DSR), bending beam rheometer(BBR) and Brookfield rotary viscometer, the rheological...

Authors: Xue Song Lu, Wei Xiang

Abstract: Based on the red clay of Wuhan reinforced by Ionic Soil Stabilizer, the red clay soil is treated by different matches of ISS at first, then...

Authors: Ju Hong Han, Jin Jun Guo, Zhong Liu

Abstract: The paper investigates positive effects of three kinds of fibers on the performance of asphalt concrete mixture, which include mineral fiber...

Authors: Ji Tan Guo, Rui Zhang, Rui Wang

Abstract: OGFC can reduce traffic noise which has very high air-void contents to absorb tire-pavement noise. This paper proposes maximum aggregate...

Authors: Wang Shu Tong, Yi He Zhang, Li Yu, Jiao Hao, Feng Zhu Lv

Abstract: The polyacrylamide/starch-acrylic acid graft copolymer/bentonite composites with different concentrations of the bentonite and...

Authors: Xiao Wei Wu, Dong Wei Cao, Hai Yan Zhang

Abstract: In order to avoid the phase separation of the high density-polyethylene modified asphalt, a composite material modifier was prepared in the...

Authors: Ming Ming Zhang, Pei Wen Hao

Abstract: Based on the Bailey method for aggregate grading design and evaluation, the parameter "reserved voidage" is used in porous asphalt method...

Authors: Ji Hui Wang, Fei Dong, Shu Ping Ren, Meng Jie Guo

Abstract: Hydrotalcite/poly(sodium acrylate-acrylamide) composite was synthesized by using inverse suspension polymerization method under different...

Authors: Xiao Meng Guo, Jian Qiang Li, Xian Sen Zeng, De Dao Hong

Abstract: In this study, the thermal properties of a kind of new geotextile materials, so called controlled permeable formwork (CPF), were studied....


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