Sustainable Development of Urban Environment and Building Material

Volumes 374-377

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Li Hua Li, Hui Ming Tang, Ben Lin Xiao

Abstract: Discarded tires used as reinforced materials have distinctive merits, such as high tensile strength, good anti-friction, fine flexility and...

Authors: Wei Jun Yang, Peng Wang

Abstract: Ceramisite concrete was charateristic of size effect as common concret. Through the experimentation of size effect on cubic compressive...

Authors: Zhen Sha, Nian Ping Li, Bai Jun Wang, Yong Yang, Zhen Hui Xiao

Abstract: The mathematical analysis model of LCC of self-thermal insulation system of external wall that is applicable to Changsha region is...

Authors: Wen Zheng Huang

Abstract: Monuments are precious historical and cultural heritages, they are non-renewable cultural resources, the authenticity of monuments lies in...

Authors: Hui Xu, An Qi Lu

Abstract: This paper studies on the relative denseness of fresh cement pastes compounded with multi-cementitious materials and the performances of...

Authors: Hong Ying Liu

Abstract: The Work made use of two different asphalts-Shengli and Kalamayi and two different aggregates-Granite and Lime-stone to study the...

Authors: Feng Qi, Jian Yun Pan, Bo Yang

Abstract: Bamboo fiber concrete is a type of architectural material. Because of its fast growth and environmental protection, bamboo fiber concrete...

Authors: Wen Feng Yang, Shao Peng Wu

Abstract: Hydrated lime, as additive agent, was applied into asphalt mix to improve water stability. In this paper, asphalt retention ratio (According...

Authors: Hai Xin Ma, Ran An

Abstract: Properties of plain concrete and polyacrylonitrile fiber concrete, including fatigue resistance performance,flexural toughness and impact...

Authors: Jing Zhou, Chao Hong Luo, Qing Xia Gu

Abstract: Fair-faced light weight aggregate (FLWA) concrete is of all good performance of both LWA and fair-faced concrete. There is a fluorocarbon...


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