Sustainable Development of Urban Environment and Building Material

Volumes 374-377

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jing Feng Wang, Bo Wang, Zhong Ming Zheng

Abstract: To research the mechanical behaviour of the novel composite beam with concrete filled steel tubular (CFST) truss, an experimental study of...

Authors: Xiao Yan Sun, Wei Wei Dong, Hai Long Wang, Jie Wang

Abstract: In order to estimate the carbon footprint of bridge during whole life cycle, a quantitative model is established in this paper. The life...

Authors: Da Chuan Chen, Ri Xin Liu, Deng Ke Li

Abstract: The bottom-frame structure is a kind of small bay masonry structure building with large bay RC frame in bottom[1], it is widely exists near...

Authors: Huan Huan Tian, Wei Ping Hu, Gui Yang Yao

Abstract: Abstract. Dali boasts brilliant local culture and ethnic folk customs.Dali culture is a fusion of cultures such as the central plain,...

Authors: Bao Xin Tang, Kai Hua Cheng, Qi Li

Abstract: Abstract. The large number of basic random variables in stochastic process, cause great troubles for calculation and analysis. Based on...

Authors: Akihiko Kawano, Qiyun Qiao, Shintaro Matsuo, Toshihiko Ninakawa

Abstract: From 2006, authors started a series of experimental and analytical studies to establish a design method for a new connection system of...

Authors: Abdultawab Qahtan, Nila Keumala, S.P. Rao, Ali Mohammed Alashwal

Abstract: Passive solar control solutions have been widely used in buildings in tropic countries like Malaysia. It is assumed that these solutions may...

Authors: Yuan Qi Li, Qi Yan, Si Sun, Zu Yan Shen, Cheng Feng Yu, Hong Wei Xu

Abstract: In recent years, due to its excellent mechanical properties, especially its insensitivity of strength to thickness, high-rise structural...

Authors: Yuan Qi Li, Jing Kai Yang

Abstract: This paper gives a simple introduction of the development and structural behaviors of cold-formed thin-walled steel structure under shear...

Authors: Vilas G. Meshram, Ajay L. Dandge

Abstract: In present work, first the multi-storeyed building was analysing taking medium site condition in zone II. Sa/g and Base shear for that...


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