Sustainable Development of Urban Environment and Building Material

Volumes 374-377

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Anant M. Pande, Vilas G. Meshram, Ajay L. Dandge

Abstract: ABSTRACT It is a very well known fact that the use of fly ash in masonry and concrete make the structures durable. Properties of Fly Ash...

Authors: Koji Shiono

Abstract: Solute (pollutant) and sediment transports directly relate to controlling water quality in water environment (e.g. river, estuary and...

Authors: Ye Zhang, Peng Xuan Duan, Bao Sheng Jia, Fan Zhang

Abstract: Compared with natural gypsum, the basic properties of FGD gypsum are studied based on the test results and then the influence of FGD...

Authors: Min Liu, De Ping Chen, Jing Yu Liu

Abstract: Carbon dioxide curing was adopted to accelerate the hydration of foam concrete samples with a lower bulk density level of around 450...

Authors: Yi Zhou, Yuan Qi Li, Zu Yan Shen

Abstract: The added mass has significant effect on the vibration of the membrane structures, which can not be ignored during their vibration analysis....

Authors: Hong Bum Cho, Nam Yong Jee, Jun Ho Shin

Abstract: This paper offers a model that can estimate the 28-day compressive strength of concrete containing fly ash (FA) using the concept of...

Authors: Ajay L. Dandge, Vilas G. Meshram

Abstract: Modern concrete is now common to use admixture (chemical or mineral), pozzolana’s for modifying different properties of concrete in fresh...

Authors: Ajay R. Gajbhiye, N. S. Raman, Shantanu R. Khandeshwar

Abstract: Predictive Technique Audits, one of the types of environmental audit, is considered to have greatest potential role in strengthening the...

Authors: Zhu Guo Li, Takaaki Ohkubo

Abstract: In this paper, we gave a clear concept of environmental performance (EP), and proposed an estimating method of environmental performance...

Authors: Hong Xi Liu, Liang Zhou

Abstract: Subgrade resilient modulus (MR) is very important for effective design of pavements. Several methods to estimate the resilient modulus were...


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