Sustainable Development of Urban Environment and Building Material

Volumes 374-377

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xiong Zhou Yuan, Wei Sun, Xiao Bao Zuo

Abstract: Based on detailed consideration of the autonomic healing concept of microencapsulated healing agent, micro- bacteria induced calcite and...

Authors: Yu Hua Li, Hai Xiang Li, Yu Xing Liu, Jing Yun Chen

Abstract: Chip seal is most frequently used as preventive maintenance (PM) treatments on asphalt pavement. However, it’s difficult to make the...

Authors: Shu Wang Yan, Qun Hua Zhou, Li Qiang Sun

Abstract: Dredge materials with the water content more than 80% have been used for land reclamation in Tianjin, China. The dredge is transferred by...

Authors: Fei Li, Jia Long Chen, Xin Yu Zhao, Nian Song Hou

Abstract: A large number of waste brick is hard to use among undisposed construction and demolition waste. Recycled aggregate made with waste brick...

Authors: Jian Xiao Zheng, Bin Li, Si Cong Yuan

Abstract: The overall three-dimensional parametric model of the crankshaft has been completed based on the ANSYS Parametric Design Language (APDL)...

Authors: Wei Xing Shao, Hong Yan Jiang, Zi Yuan Zhang, Hui Wu

Abstract: Now in China, the management of construction waste still gets less attention than it deserves. The construction waste has caused huge...

Authors: Yan Chun Li, Rui Lv, Pan Zhang, Yu Zhuo Xu, Guo Jing Hou

Abstract: Consider the rubber modified asphalt preparation powder in the process of particle size, the influence factors of 40 yard, and are chosen 60...

Authors: Wu Man Zhang, Wei Sun, Jin Yang Jiang

Abstract: The coupling effect of flexural loading and environmental factors has great influence on the pore structures in hardened cement paste. In...

Authors: Guang Zheng Qi, Di Tao Niu, Cheng Fang Yuan, Fu Zhen Duan

Abstract: The accelerated carbonation test was carried out for the ordinary concrete and fly ash concrete. Influences of water-cement ratio,...

Authors: Lian Qing Zhao, Liang Gao, Hua Jin

Abstract: Nanyang River channel regulation is one of the major projects for river comprehensive management project in Tianzhen reach of the Nanyang...


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