Sustainable Development of Urban Environment and Building Material

Volumes 374-377

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Shou De Li, Hui Er Xu, Jian Chen, Qin Qin Li, Zheng Hong Tian, Yong Chen

Abstract: New structure of long straight walls with arched retaining wall was raised to improve the anti-sliding capacity of embankment soft ground....

Authors: Zhao Xia Wang, De Xin Zong

Abstract: Promoted by modern material and construction technology, various ingenious structural forms are created with wide use of glued-laminated...

Authors: Cheng Hua Wang, Jian Guo An

Abstract: In order to investigate the influence of the defective piles with stem shrinkage on the working behavior of pile foundations under vertical...

Authors: Guo Fu Feng, Ming Wang, Ming Chen, Tao Chi

Abstract: Heterogeneous multi-core processors are attractive for power efficient green computing because of their ability to meet varied resource...

Authors: Wei Wang, Chuan Qi Li, Shuai Wang

Abstract: Based on the theory of risk analysis, this study develops a LHS –MC method to evaluate dam overtopping probability that accounts for the...

Authors: Hong Tao Liu, Jun Su

Abstract: Zhaohua is a historic town of Sichuan province in china. On May 12th, 2008, a devastating earthquake measuring 8 on Richter scale struck...

Authors: Chun Hui Tang, Hong Yang, Xia Ping Liu, Zhuo Sun

Abstract: In order to reject environmental factor effect from long-span bridge deflection signal, this document introduced the basic theory of...

Authors: Xiang Cao Zhi, Jia Zhu Xue, Xiu Li Cao

Abstract: Geological factors and engineering factors is a major factor to damage, the drivepipe deformation under pressure seismic load which used to...

Authors: Qing Song He, Yi Yin

Abstract: Regional architecture research to the essence of the difference will be in control, so as to get to the bottom of its distinctive regional...

Authors: Li Qun Hu, Wei Si Ma, Hong Qing Hou

Abstract: This research aims to study the temperature characteristic of porous cement concrete as an alternative pavement that can help to mitigate...


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