Sustainable Development of Urban Environment and Building Material

Volumes 374-377

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Chun Yan Guo, Da Ke Wei, Chun Ying Guo

Abstract: The modes of structural tectonic methods are proposed and the mode of creative cooperation by architects and structural engineers in the...

Authors: Chun Yan Guo, Da Ke Wei, Chun Ying Guo

Abstract: Multiple longitudinal unified times are spread out laterally by this paper through analysis on ancient Greek temples, ancient Romanesque...

Authors: Yong Tao Bai, Akihiko Kawano, Shintaro Matsuo, Keita Odawara

Abstract: Seismic performances of high-rise buildings are urgent to be studied given the background of the 2011 off the Pacific coast of Tohoku...

Authors: Ning Ma, Bin Wu, Jin Ping Ou

Abstract: The bearing capacity of the all-steel BRB consists of a rectangular core plate and a square outer tube is analyzed by finite element method...

Authors: Da Peng Gu, Wei Ming Yan, Yan Jiang Chen, Hai Xia Zhou

Abstract: Abstract. Damping, as one of the most important indicators of the structure’s dynamic behaviors, depicts how energy dissipates during...

Authors: Zheng Chen, Jian Ping Yang

Abstract: This article is generally based on the research on the methods of the census of the basic information and energy consumption of constructed...

Authors: Hai Jing Huang, Ling Li, Heng Xu Wang

Abstract: Urban culture is the foundation of the development of city,and discussions on its inheritance have been held for a long time. It is...

Authors: Jun Huan Li

Abstract: The article is composed under the background of Tibetan culture. Tibetan residence and settlement is the object of study, and inspection is...

Authors: Ruo Qiang Feng, Bin Yao, Ji Hong Ye

Abstract: Grid shell is a new type of single layer latticed shell. Joint connections of this structrue always adopt semi-rigid joints: in-plane pin...

Authors: Qin Chen

Abstract: An method of calculation the displacement of wall pier in plastic zone under lateral force and axial force is proposed in this paper, which...


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