Sustainable Development of Urban Environment and Building Material

Volumes 374-377

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jun Qi Wang

Abstract: Slope usually lies in an initial stress field, especially in complex three-dimensional stress conditions. When horizontal stress is larger...

Authors: Hong Xu, Yan Long

Abstract: This paper introduced the basic content of the habitat environment. Then, this paper analyzed the requirements and four core concepts in the...

Authors: Jun Qing Lei

Abstract: The work presented in this paper focuses on durability of concrete bridges, which is worldwide concerned nowadays because concrete bridges...

Authors: Dong Dong Zhang, Jun Feng Zhou, Wei Guo Zhang, Cheng Bing Zhu, Rui Rui Sun, Li Jun Ji, Ze Xian Wu

Abstract: The design and practice of a deep excavation in shanghai was presented. The FEM based on Mohr coulomb Model was adopted to analyze the...

Authors: Hong Wei Ma, Michael C. H Yam

Abstract: For ductile beam-to-column connectiosn in steel frame, beam local buckling is difficult and very costly to repair in any post-disaster...

Authors: Ying Li, Zhi Ying Zhang

Abstract: The soil-structure interaction (SSI) effect is paid more and more attention in the dynamic structural analysis and earthquake resistance...

Authors: Qing Xing Feng, Chen Qu

Abstract: From the point of strain energy, an important conclusion has been derived and proved that cable-strut structure stiffness will be enhanced...

Authors: Chuan Li Liu, Qiu Min Liao

Abstract: This paper first gives an introduction on the present study situation of urban group spatial structure evolution, then extracts the urban...

Authors: Qun Guan

Abstract: In this paper, on the basis of the dynamic equation of material which contains transversely isotropic piezoelectric、piezomagnetic and...

Authors: Shu Qiang Lu, Mo Xu, Zheng Wei He

Abstract: In this paper, taking the underground cavities of Nuozadu Hydro-electrical Power Station located in Lancang River as an example,...


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