Sustainable Development of Urban Environment and Building Material

Volumes 374-377

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Sun Yong

Abstract: In the process of engineering prospective design and constructing, it is necessary to avoid the adverse impact of geological phenomena, such...

Authors: Jian Wei Zhang, Chen Wang, Qi Wen Zheng

Abstract: In order to study the particle breakage of granular materials during compression, a series of triaxial compression tests were conducted for...

Authors: Yang Zhang, Jia Ru Qian, Xiao Dong Ji, Wan Lin Cao

Abstract: In this paper, axial compressive loading test and non-linear finite element analysis of 10 short composite-sectioned concrete filled steel...

Authors: Guang Si Zhao, Guo Qing Zhou, Xiao Dong Zhao, Ya Zhi Wei, Long Ji Li

Abstract: The rupture disasters occurred in more than 110 shafts in Eastern China in recent 23 years, and that caused a significant economic loss. The...

Authors: Yong Zhou, Shuang Zhang

Abstract: Due to the fact that real estate prices is not only concerned with common people live and work in peace and contentment, but closely...

Authors: Shi Zhao Gao, Guo Bin Xu

Abstract: A new method of transmission lines of static state has been proposed in this paper—A progressive approximation iteration state method; the...

Authors: Jia Jun Pan, Ling Jiang, Yun Chen

Abstract: No relevant high earth face rockfill dams built across a river valley with a width-to-depth ratio of more than 8.0 is reported both at home...

Authors: Ling Jiang, Yu Juan Yang, Jia Jun Pan

Abstract: Existing research results have indicated that dam material’s rheology under a high stress state is quite evident. In order to study the...

Authors: Zhi Yong Chen, Jiu Rong Wu, Ji Yang Fu, An Xu

Abstract: Guangzhou West Tower (GZWT) is the second tallest building in China with 432m height. Based on the 3-D finite element model of this...

Authors: Hai Zhao, Ya Zhou Xu, Guo Liang Bai

Abstract: The uncontrollable factors such as construction errors, material inhomogeneity, etc. will inevitably lead to a certain initial...


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