Sustainable Development of Urban Environment and Building Material

Volumes 374-377

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xiao Juan Zhang

Abstract: By reviewing Lanzhou urban green system planning development since 1949, this paper analyses the guiding principles, the dominant function...

Authors: Chang Sheng Xiang, Chung C. Fu, Hui Li, Geng Wen Zhao, Mohamed Ahmed

Abstract: It is essential to avoid or reduce construction errors when field connecting curved steel girders together with diaphragms. Construction...

Authors: Hong Hai, Fan Gu, Yan Sheng Song

Abstract: The shear resistance at the interface between FRP sheet and concrete is a key problem for the application of fiber-reinforced plastic (FRP)...

Authors: Li Jun Li, Ren Wang Liang

Abstract: The synergism of the row - ring beam has the important influence to the deep hole excavated for building foundation supports and protections...

Authors: Li Ye Sun, Li Xin Sun, Shu Min Tang, Hong Hai

Abstract: Considering the characteristics of vision in different luminance levels and the errors of the visual angle restituting, this research...

Authors: Hai Qing Liu, Ya Bing Wang

Abstract: Isolation technology has been applied to bridges more than before, and soil-structure interaction on structural system is gradually...

Authors: Yan Zhang, Qi Cai Wang, Lei Jia, Lin Huo

Abstract: The forms of concrete attacked by sulfate include physical crystallization and chemical crystallization. That affects the durability of...

Authors: Zhen Xian Xing, Yu Qing Zhao

Abstract: The back analysis principle and method for thermal conductivity of RCC is introduced in this paper, and a Jiang Ya RCC dam is cited as a...

Authors: Bo Wang

Abstract: The premise that analyzing and studying the factors that effect university town ecological physical environment (UTEPE), UTEPE impact...

Authors: Sheng Hui Chen, Hui Min Li, Xin Ma

Abstract: To solve the problem of the funds supply and demand disorders in the construction project, the financing coordination decision system is...


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