Sustainable Development of Urban Environment and Building Material

Volumes 374-377

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Guo Can Chen, Zhi Sheng Xu, Wei Hong Tang

Abstract: This paper presents the results of experimental studies on the residual compressive strength of concrete produced with stone-chip as fine...

Authors: Ming Xing Song, Chun Yu Wei

Abstract: This thesis is mainly contributed to the study of the complex interface type sorted as traditional architecture located in Western Hunan...

Authors: Hao Ming Peng, Jie Jun Xie

Abstract: This paper discusses the application of the rammed pedestal pile in thin stiff stratum in soft soil based on the engineering practice,...

Authors: Rong Tang, Yun Zhou, Xue Song Deng, Shao Ming Lin

Abstract: According to the philosophy of “partially weaken the core element of the BRB to protect the other part”, 12 specimens of the Triple Square...

Authors: Zu Lin He, Wei Ping Zhong, Wan Jun Zhang, Chong Wu, Fei Qin, Guo Tao Yang

Abstract: Shear studs are critical important connectors in steel and concrete composite structures, and they will subjected to longitudinal shear...

Authors: Chong Wu, Zu Lin He, De Fu He, Wan Jun Zhang, Rui Wang, Guo Tao Yang

Abstract: Steel and concrete composite structures are widely used in bridge engineering, for it can fully utilize the compression property of concrete...

Authors: Chuan Wang Song, Guang Ming Yu, Pei Shou Wang

Abstract: Tailings dam safety has always been an important research field of geotechnical engineering world, and research on safety factor of dam is...

Authors: Qiang Feng

Abstract: Saturated and unsaturated seepage analysises are given for Dashiban Landslide applied multi-day rainstorm once in fifty years including...

Authors: Hong Xu

Abstract: First of all, parameter model of bond strength after bolt corrosion is built consideration of the own characteristics of mortar bolt...

Authors: Shuai Niu

Abstract: Frame-bent structure is usually used in the power plants, and in many cases the bent part of it is usually simplified as an articulated bar....


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