Sustainable Development of Urban Environment and Building Material

Volumes 374-377

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Hui Mao, Cheng Hua Li, Yan Wang

Abstract: By the method of the experiment and the finite element, the production, development regulation and location of the plastic hinge of widened...

Authors: Lian Fa Wang, Ai Ping Tang

Abstract: In order to implement the bi-level optimization strategy-collaborative optimization (CO) to bridge design, bridge optimization design...

Authors: Sui Tan, Zhi Wu Yu, Hua Shuai Zhang

Abstract: The reliability evaluation for the bridge in service can provide a scientific basis for decision-making in bridge repair and reinforcement....

Authors: Jian Hui Yang, Bo Liu, Zong Gang Liu

Abstract: With the increasing urbanization and the expansion of the city these years, the urban stormwater flood emerge frequently in all major cities...

Authors: Keng Tsang Hsu, Chia Chi Cheng, Chih Peng Yu, Chih Hung Chiang

Abstract: The microwave interferometer used in the present study is capable of multiple-point displacement measurements. In this paper, a general...

Authors: Gang Shi, Zhao Liu, Yong Zhang, Yong Jiu Shi, Yuan Qing Wang

Abstract: High strength steel sections have been increasingly used in buildings and bridges, and steel angles have also been widely used in many steel...

Authors: Jing Mei Bian, Quan Bai, Qing Hua Shi

Abstract: Abstract:Along with the fast increasing of maintenance demand, the problems associated with maintenance and reinforcement decision-making...

Authors: Hong Wang, Chong Jin, Hong Yuan, Xiao Zhou Xia

Abstract: The fitting curve given by least square method is applied in numerical analyzing. The results from semi-unrestrained and completely...

Authors: Qing Hai Deng, Feng Shan Ma, Jie Guo, Li Ping Zhang, Rui Yu

Abstract: Combined with the practical engineering of Changjiling tunnel in Guangdong highway, we analyzed the influence of different dimensions and...

Authors: Zhan She Yang, Jing Shan

Abstract: Property tax levying will make a huge impact on residential demand, residential supply, even the whole residential property market. It plays...


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