Sustainable Development of Urban Environment and Building Material

Volumes 374-377

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Rui Fang, Hui Gao, Xiang Qin Bian

Abstract: The development of the permanent deformation of subgrade soils under repeated load tests may consists of three stages, namely the primary,...

Authors: Zhao Yun Xiao, Guo Xun Zhang, Wei Xu, Zhong Ming Xue

Abstract: It is a complicated progress of interaction between pile and soil when pile is under both vertical load and horizontal load. This paper...

Authors: Xin Jiang, Xiao Hang Liu

Abstract: A representative volume element is chosen to act as the research object to analyze the temperature field of the dispersion fuel elements....

Authors: Li Xin Liu

Abstract: Howard's Garden Cities of Tomorrow is the first professional book of modern city plan in general, but there are many misunderstandings of...

Authors: Yi Fang Wang

Abstract: According to an evaluation on a six story, brick residential building with severe cracks and inclination, the influence of uneven soft...

Authors: Di Tao Niu, Hua Song

Abstract: The study of cover cracking pattern can provide scientific basis for the durability assessment and maintanence of concrete structures. In...

Authors: Hai Long Wang, Chun Ling Guo, Xiao Yan Sun

Abstract: The effect of calcium leaching by nitric acid on fracture properties of concrete was experimentally studied. The double-K fracture...

Authors: Jing Zhuo, Fu Wei Huang, Fu Min Wang

Abstract: The actively prestressed strengthening technique of CFRP plate is a kind of strengthening technology with great application in the future....

Authors: Simon Kringas

Abstract: The Topological City is a design concept for a three-dimensional city in China. To accommodate future populations, cities need to be dense,...

Authors: Hua Liang, Wen Yi

Abstract: As the physical embodiment of urban commerce, the leasing of office buildings objectively influences the reconstitution of city space and...


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