Sustainable Development of Urban Environment and Building Material

Volumes 374-377

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Duo Zhang, Xin Gao

Abstract: The tensile test specimens of ETFE (ethylene - tetrafluoroethylene copolymer) membrane have been done at 7 temperatures. It is obtained...

Authors: Hong Bo Yang, Yao Mian Wang, Lei Luo, Ping Ping Zhang

Abstract: The spheroidization of the carbide of hot-deformed GCr15 bearing steel was investigated in cyclic annealing process. The results show that...

Authors: Hai Ying Cao, Dian Bo Jia, Tie Jun Chen

Abstract: Based on the necessary relationship between the strength and the water content of unsaturated soil, combined with real foundation pit in...

Authors: Chun Wang, Pei Wen Hao, Rui Xia Li, Qing Zhang

Abstract: The paper studied on the mix design method of two different warm mix asphalt adopted Marshall test and SGC(Superpave Gyratory Conpactor)...

Authors: Yan Cong Zhang, Bo Tian, Da Peng Wang, Ji Liang Wang

Abstract: A method for determining the coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) of concrete with optical lever system is introduced. In order to improve...

Authors: Zhong Yu Liu, Yong Gang Xue, Xi Jun Wang

Abstract: In order to investigate the mechanical behaviors of lime-stabilized soils with small lime content, the specimens with 4%~8% lime content and...

Authors: Wei Wei Yu, Qing Xiong, Yun Yu, Hang Lin

Abstract: This paper focuses on the impact which polypropylene fiber (PF) has on the self-desiccation effect at early age of high performance concrete...

Authors: Ji Xiu Zhang, Peng Xuan Duan

Abstract: This experimental research was to investigate the chloride penetration and consolidation behavior of OPC and coal gangue added cement. By...

Authors: Ming Tang, Jing Qi Li, Hong Liang Liu, Ning Chen

Abstract: In order to obtain the high performance cement-based consistent materials,the enhancement effect of basalt fiber was studied to develop the...

Authors: Ming Tang, Hong Liang Liu, Jing Qi Li, Ning Chen

Abstract: The fractal characteristics of concrete materials microstructure are analyzed with fractal theory. The fractal dimension of concrete...


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