Sustainable Development of Urban Environment and Building Material

Volumes 374-377

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ning Chen, Ming Tang, Jing Qi Li, Hong Liang Liu

Abstract: The cement powder materials are evaluated by fractal theory. Fractal characteristic parameters are analysed and evaluated by the method of...

Authors: Yue Xian Liu, Nan Zhe Zhang

Abstract: A and B two-component solid chemical cleanser was prepared in order to clean the fouling in floor heating pipe effectively. In stated...

Authors: Jian Chun Xiao, Peng Liu, Ke Jian Ma

Abstract: Anchor bolts are set in some elastomeric bearings of large-span column-supported spatial steel roofs. Besides helping the bearing in-site...

Authors: Li Jun Zhao, Zhong Xu Feng

Abstract: This paper made a study on the effect of different vibrating parameters on the air content and compressive strength of concrete by the test...

Authors: Xian Feng Huang, Jun Liu, Yan Yang

Abstract: In order to describe the damping characteristics of building materials and members, the formula for calculating loss factor which concerns...

Authors: Xue Feng Song, Ting Shu He

Abstract: Carbonation is one of the key factors that result in the corrosion of the reinforcing steel embedded in concrete. In this work, a novel...

Authors: Ji Chen, Kun Li, Yu Sheng, Xian Fu Dong, Lu Xin Zhang

Abstract: The Chaidaer-Muli Railway (abb., Chaimu Railway) was constructed in the Qilian Mountains, where middle-latitude swampy permafrost regions...

Authors: Li Juan Wang, Yan Feng Liu, Jia Ping Liu, Fei Lu

Abstract: Before the construction of hydraulic structure, aggregate must be cooled or heated by air (we call it aggregate air cooling or heating in...

Authors: Jing Li, Xian Feng Qu, Hai Yang Chen, Juan Li, Lin Jiang

Abstract: In order to study the mechanical performance of self-compacting reinforced concrete beam with recycled coarse aggregates, recycled concrete...

Authors: Jin Yang Jiang, Wei Sun, Jing Wang

Abstract: A type of small-scale fibers with dumbbells on two ends and notches in the middle was first designed to improve the workability and crack...


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