Manufacturing Science and Technology, ICMST2011

Volumes 383-390

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jian Jun Chen, Yi Jun Gao, Zhao Ju Deng

Abstract: In order to improve the accuracy and efficiency of automatic counting of microscopic cells, the method based on the Hough transform has been...

Authors: Y. Yang, F. Yu, Ping Han, R.P. Ge, L. Yu

Abstract: Capacitance-voltage method was used to analyze composition of the Si1-xGex alloy films with a stochiometry gradient of...

Authors: Z Z Lu, F. Yu, L. Yu, L. H. Cheng, P. Han

Abstract: In this work, Si, Ge element composition distribution in Ge /Si1-xGex:C /Si substrate structure has been characterized...

Authors: Wei Min Chen, Wei Wang, Hui Cai, Guo Cheng Chen

Abstract: Based on summarizing a stand-alone running strategy of distributed power inverter and analyzing the possibility to control grid-connected...

Authors: Jie Yan, Qiu Ju Zhu

Abstract: The paper means to establish a tension control system of filament winding machine through analyzing the theory tension control system.The...

Authors: Li De Fang, Ji Ke Zhang, Xiao Ting Li, Xiu Ming Xiang

Abstract: The dynamic characteristics of temperature sensor are very important in industrial temperature measure. In this paper, the dynamic...

Authors: Yu Dong Tang, Xiao Chun Zhu, Lu Feng, Chen Gui

Abstract: Parameter identification method is researched for the single-input and single-output systems in this paper. Based on the analysis of method...

Authors: Hong Ying Wang, Xue Me Hu

Abstract: From the machining errors and static dynamic error influence two aspects are discussed in this paper, the analysis of machining process on...

Authors: Xin Zhang, Ting Fang

Abstract: Quantitative assessment of muscle spasticity is an important issue in the rehabilitation medicine. However, there are a small amount of...

Authors: Bin Li, Li Lei, Li Wei

Abstract: Tower crane belongs to high risk equipment in the construction site. Evaluating safety statement of tower crane is a subject of the...


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