Manufacturing Science and Technology, ICMST2011

Volumes 383-390

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ru Zheng Pan, You Hua Wang, Zhi Zhong Zhao, Wei Xu, Qi Long Jin, Ping Yan, Jue Wang, Guang Sheng Sun

Abstract: Based on the platform of laser-triggered surface flashover in pulsed voltage, experiment of laser-triggered surface flashover switch is...

Authors: Lan Shu Liu, Wen Song Zhang, Xiang Ping Zhu

Abstract: The electroexplosive devices(EED) are widely used in the core system of rocket, missile and nuclear weapons. Hazard analysis and measurement...

Authors: Guo Zhong Huang, Yan Wang, Ying Chen, Jing Wang

Abstract: This paper analyzed the automobile defects and its risk characteristics; the Event Tree Analysis (ETA) method was introduced to determine...

Authors: Yang Xue, Ting Wang

Abstract: In this paper, through a series of experiments in steam generator, which located in the simulation platform of nuclear power, the model of...

Authors: Dan Dan Guo, Dong Lin Su, Xiao Ying Zhao, Li Peng Deng, You Feng Chen

Abstract: Aircraft is more light than usual because of using the material of carbon fiber, which can make aircraft lighter than metal materials. But...

Authors: Yong Feng Zhang, Xin Gong Cheng, Xi Ju Zong, Qing Qing Miu, Xiao Hong Chen, Yan Liang Wang, Gang Chen

Abstract: This paper proposes a novel control approach for single phase active power filter (APF) based on switched system theory, since the switching...

Authors: Yue Jun An, Guo Ming Liu, Hong Liang Wen, Wen Qiang Zhao, Li Ping Xue, Chun Ye Guo

Abstract: Induced eddy currents in can cause loss when the canned motor runs, the loss make the motor`s temperature rise, directly affect the canned...

Authors: Yue Jun An, Wen Qiang Zhao, Hong Liang Wen, Guo Ming Liu, Hao Yuan

Abstract: The voltage harmonic is an important indicator to evaluate the power quality of PM wind generator. Voltage waveform is closely related to...

Authors: Ning Ning Zhang, Chen Jiang, Zhen Zhong Wang, Yin Biao Guo

Abstract: Wedge/aspheric lens element is a combination of wedge prism and aspheric lens as a single piece component forming a decentred lens, which...

Authors: Hai Peng Zhang, Jun Zhong Sun, Xin Gang Chen

Abstract: When the dirt was cleaning away by the ultrasonic cleaning device, the insulating layer of the motor winding would be destroyed and the...


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