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Authors: Hossein Hosseini-Toudeshky, Masoud Saber, Bijan Mohammadi
Abstract:In this paper, fatigue crack growth trajectories, crack-front shape and life of the single-side repaired thick aluminium panels with...
Authors: G.P. Lin, Po Cheng Kuo, Y.H. Fang, Sin Liang Ou, S.C. Chen
Abstract:The High saturation magnetization (Ms) media are desired to yield large flux density for high resolution giant magnetoresistive head readout...
Authors: G.P. Lin, Po Cheng Kuo, P.L. Lin, Y.H. Fang, K.T. Huang
Abstract:The Tb32Co68/(SiNx/Co)n films (n = 0~3) were prepared by magnetron sputtering. The magnetic anisotropy of all Tb32Co68/(SiNx/Co)n films are...
Authors: Jaroon Rungamornrat, Teerapong Senjuntichai
Abstract:This paper presents a complete set of singularity-reduced integral relations for isolated discontinuity embedded in a three-dimensional...
Authors: C.H. Wang, C.H. Yeh, F.Y. Shih, C.W. Chow, K.C. Hsu, Y. Lai, S. Chi
Abstract:In this investigation, we propose and experimentally investigate a simply self-restored ring-based fiber Bragg grating (FBG) based sensor...
Authors: A. Ruksudjarit, Kamonpan Pengpat, Gobwute Rujijanagul, Tawee Tunkasiri
Abstract:Nanoporous hydroxyapatite ceramic was simply fabricated from nano hydroxyapatite powder and polyvinyl alcohol (as a pore former). The...
Authors: Ramesh Singh, K.L. Aw, C.H. Ting, Chou Yong Tan, Iis Sopyan, Wan Dung Teng
Abstract:The effect of adding small amounts of copper oxide (CuO) on the sintering and mechanical properties of alumina ceramic was studied. Samples...
Authors: Shih Yang Chou, Ming Hua Ho
Abstract:In this study, the chitosan scaffold was modified with the simulated body fluid (SBF) which would create a biomimetic layer on the interface...
Authors: Eitoku Nakanishi, Yoshihiro Ando, Seijiro Maki
Authors: Sin Liang Ou, Po Cheng Kuo, Shu Chi Sheu, Chih Hsiang Hsiao, Don Yau Chiang, Wei Tai Tang
Abstract:The (In15Sb85)100-xBix films (x = 0~18.3) were deposited on nature oxidized Si wafer and glass substrate at room temperature by magnetron...
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