Multi-functional Materials and Structures

Volumes 47-50

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Dong Soo Hwang, Seong Hye Lim, Yoon Jeong Yang, Hyung Joon Cha

Abstract: Mussel adhesive proteins (MAPs) have received increased attention as potential environmentally friendly adhesives under aqueous conditions...

Authors: Dong Soo Hwang, Seong Hye Lim, Hyung Joon Cha

Abstract: Mussel foot protein is widely known for candidate of strong adhesive materials. Six times fp-1 decapeptide repeats and fp-5 are chosen...

Authors: Emad Oveisi, Farshad Akhlaghi

Abstract: In the present study, Al-Si samples with a graded structure were produced via horizontal centrifugal casting. The distribution of primary...

Authors: V. Murari, C.S. Upadhyay

Abstract: Continuum level modeling of damage is a complex problem because of existence of several failure mechanisms at various length-scales, e.g.,...

Authors: Shae K. Kim

Abstract: AgNi and AgFe are known as contact materials with high workability and low contact resistance for medium to weak current contacts. However,...

Authors: Bijan Azadi, Nimal Rajapakse, Daan M. Maijer

Abstract: Experiments have shown that the localization of transformation in NiTi shape memory alloys (SMAs) is an important factor in determining...

Authors: Werasak Raongjant, Meng Jing

Abstract: In this paper, a reasonable three dimensional finite element beam model was developed to predict the mechanical behaviors of carbon fiber...

Authors: Sheng Lu, Jing Chen, Liu Qiao Chen

Abstract: Cyclic loading and unloading tensile tests were carried out for Cu-11.30wt. %Al-0.32wt. % Be Shape Memory Alloys (SMA) wires to investigate...

Authors: Nai Ci Bing, Zhen Tian, Sheng Wen Chen, Qing Hua Li, Zheng Liang Xu

Abstract: Molecularly imprinted composite materials (PM) selective to S-naproxen were prepared in the surface of mesoporous silica sphere (SBA-15) by...

Authors: Yong Hwan Kim, K.T. Kim

Abstract: The microstructure and thermal cyclic oxidation resistance of the wide-gap region brazed with different filler metal powder (BNi-3 and DF...


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