Surface Finishing Technology and Surface Engineering

Volumes 53-54

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xiao Zong Song, Yong Zhang, Fei Hu Zhang

Abstract: We developed a nanoparticle colloid jet machining to fulfill the requirement for ultrasmooth surface in terms of the studying on micro...

Authors: Rong Guo Hou, Chuan Zhen Huang, Y.S. Feng, Y.Y. Liu

Abstract: The simulation of the gas-solid two phase flow inside the abrasive jet nozzle is studied by the computed dynamic software (CFD)-FLUENT, the...

Authors: Gui Zhen Song, Yuan Zong Li, Gang Ya

Abstract: In this paper we discuss the temperature dependence and its effect on surface roughness. In abrasive flow machining (AFM) process the...

Authors: Ya Dong Gong, Jian Yu Yang, Yan Cheng Zhang, Wan Shan Wang

Abstract: To the processing requirements of high precision small dimension and high surface quality for internal spherical surface with through hole...

Authors: Tong Wang, Yu Mei Lu, Shu Qiang Xie, Shuang Shuang Hao, H. Zhao

Abstract: Utilizing gas as the dielectric instead of dielectric liquid has enabled the development of dry wire electrical discharge machining (dry...

Authors: X.L. Li, Di Zhu, Z.W. Zhu, Sheng Dong Yu

Abstract: A novel abrasion-assisted electroforming technique with the orbital motion of cathode is developed. The related theories are studied and...

Authors: Zhi Jian Wang, Fang Hong Sun, Guo Wei Zhao

Abstract: Heat-resistant steel F91, which has high heat-resistance, is widely used in valve and pipe manufacturing industry, but it is difficult to...

Authors: Ming Rang Cao, Y.Q. Wang, Shi Chun Yang, Sheng Qiang Yang, Wen Hui Li

Abstract: The selection of manufacturing conditions is very important in manufacturing processes as these ones determine the material removal rate...

Authors: Y.Q. Wang, Ming Rang Cao, Sheng Qiang Yang, Wen Hui Li

Abstract: The flow field characteristics have a significant effect on the machining stability in high-speed small hole EDM drilling. Thus, Lagrangian...

Authors: Jun Li Li, Qing Long An, Ming Chen

Abstract: Rotor steel has been widely used in marine engineering and power industry because of its high yield stress and anti-fatigue performance at...


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