Surface Finishing Technology and Surface Engineering

Volumes 53-54

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: L. Ma, Ming Lv, Guo Xing Liang, Shi Ying Wang

Abstract: This paper analyses the material removal and surface forming mechanism of ultrasonic auxiliary gear honing. According to the Huygens...

Authors: X.J. Zhu, Yan Xia Gao, Q. Chen, J.Q. Wang, Zhi Meng Lu

Abstract: The contrast experiments between ultrasonic vibration honing and ordinary honing are firstly taken. It shows that the removal rates and the...

Authors: Shi Ying Wang, Ming Lv, Gang Ya

Abstract: Ultrasonic vibration can reduce honing forces efficiently. As the honing wheel can be washed by ultrasonic cavitations of cutting fluids,...

Authors: Xiao Cun Xu, Wen Bing Zheng, Bin Jiang, Shu Cai Yang

Abstract: Polishing is usually the last working procedure of making die surface. The roughness of die surface affects using performance of die...

Authors: Dong Jiang Wu, B. Wang, Hang Gao, Ren Ke Kang, Xian Suo Cao

Abstract: Potassium dihydrogen phosphate (KDP) crystal is widely used in navigates spaceflight, national defenses, energy sources and information...

Authors: Shi Chao Xiu, Ya Dong Gong, Guang Qi Cai

Abstract: In high and super-high speed grinding process, there is an airflow layer with high speed around the circle edge of the grinding wheel that...

Authors: Xin Li Tian, Zhi Yuan Wu, Z.F. Yang, An Ying She

Abstract: The grinding wheel in the grinding process will surely become duller and duller. To find the reason for it is beneficial to optimize...

Authors: Wen Guo Huo, Jiu Hua Xu, Yu Can Fu

Abstract: This paper studies the grinding temperature field of dry belt grinding titanium alloys using finite simulation and experiments. A...

Authors: Feng Jun Chen, Shao Hui Yin, S.J. Hu

Abstract: In this paper, a new mathematical model and grinding method of ball-end milling cutter are proposed, based on the orthogonal spiral cutting...

Authors: Bao Fu Feng, Lei Zheng, P. Wang, Quan Fang Gai, D. Li, Guang Qi Cai

Abstract: Grinding is a very complex machining process. Single grain grinding methods are useful to study complex grinding action. Very low speed...


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