Biohydrometallurgy 2009

Volumes 71-73

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: R.M. Gargarello, D. Di Gregorio, H. Huck, J. Fernandez Niello, G. Curutchet

Abstract: Acidithiobacillus thiooxidans was grown in the presence of uranium and its redox processes were studied in aerobic conditions for the first...

Authors: K.A. Natarajan

Abstract: The role of Acidithiobacillus group of bacteria in acid generation and heavy metal dissolution was studied with relevance to some Indian...

Authors: Nadia Yagnentkovsky, M. Viera, Edgardo R. Donati

Abstract: Sludge generated in automotive and related industries often contains heavy metals. Bioleaching is an attractive alternative for the...

Authors: Ianeya Hernández Díaz, Federico Galizia, Orquidea Coto Pérez, Edgardo R. Donati

Abstract: In previous studies it has been showed that bacterially produced sulphuric acid is a good leaching agent for laterite tailings. In this work...

Authors: F. Beolchini, V. Fonti, Francesco Ferella, Marcello Centofanti, Francesco Vegliò

Abstract: Spent catalysts represent a large amount of refinery solid waste. In particular, hydro-processing catalysts contain base valuable metals,...

Authors: V.A. Pham, Yen Peng Ting

Abstract: This work compares gold bioleaching from e-waste containing gold and copper by Chromobacterium violaceum and Pseudomonas fluorescens. The...

Authors: M. Islam, Yen Peng Ting

Abstract: . This work reports on the bioleaching of spent NiMo catalyst using Aspergillus niger. As-received and decoked catalysts of various sizes...

Authors: F. Beolchini, A. Dell’Anno, L. Rocchetti, Francesco Vegliò, R. Danovaro

Abstract: This paper deals with biohydrometallurgy applied for the remediation of sediments contaminated by heavy metals. Both metal mobilization by...

Authors: Elina A. Vestola, M.K. Kuusenaho, H.M. Närhi, Olli H. Tuovinen, Jaakko A. Puhakka, Jason J. Plumb, Anna H. Kaksonen

Abstract: The aim of the present work was to study the feasibility of using bioleaching for the solubilisation of metals from solid waste streams and...

Authors: D. Carnicero, E. Díaz, O. Escolano, D. Rubinos, O. Ballesteros, M.T. Barral, R. Amils, F.J. García Frutos

Abstract: Limestone is commonly used for neutralization of acid mine drainage (AMD). Its main advantages are its lower price, sustained generation of...


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