Biohydrometallurgy 2009

Volumes 71-73

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: N. Papassiopi, K. Vaxevanidou, A. Kontogianni

Abstract: Bio-beneficiation of ores through iron removal is a common technique, but not yet tested for the case of bauxite. In this study we compared...

Authors: H. Sarvamangala, K.A. Natarajan

Abstract: Selective separation of pyrite from galena and quartz was achieved through microbiologically induced flotation in presence of Bacillus...

Authors: M. Afzal Ghauri, M.A. Anwar, N. Akhtar, R. Haider, A. Tawab

Abstract: Pakistan is endued with 185 billion tons colossal reserves of coal, but only 7.89 % of the country total energy requirements are met by...

Authors: Eric Guibal, Thierry Vincent, Jean Roussy

Abstract: Chitosan is an emblematic example of biopolymer that can be obtained from renewable resources (fungal biomass, crustacean shells…) and that...

Authors: Marios Tsezos

Abstract: Bioremediation can be applied for the treatment of metal/metalloid and radionuclide bearing water streams in order to immobilize the...

Authors: Stoyan N. Groudev, Irena Spasova, Marina Nicolova, Plamen S. Georgiev

Abstract: Experimental plots consisting of acidic and alkaline soils heavily contaminated with radionuclides (mainly U and Ra) and non-ferrous metals...

Authors: Lynne E. Macaskie, I.P. Mikheenko, P. Yong, K. Deplanche, Angela J. Murray, M. Paterson-Beedle, Vicky S. Coker, Carolyn I. Pearce, Richard A.D. Pattrick, David Vaughan, Gerrit van der Laan, John R. Lloyd

Abstract: Over the past 30 years the literature has burgeoned with bioremediation approaches to heavy metal removal from wastes. The price of base and...

Authors: P. Kikot, M. Viera, C. Mignone, Edgardo R. Donati

Abstract: Metallurgical processes and mining are the main source of heavy metal contamination of water sources, rivers and lakes. There are a large...

Authors: Laura M. Nevatalo, Hannele Auvinen, Martijn F.M. Bijmans, Anna H. Kaksonen, Piet N.L. Lens, Jaakko A. Puhakka

Abstract: The amenability of sulfate reduction at low temperature for the treatment of acid mine drainage in arctic areas was investigated with three...

Authors: Bo Wei Chen, Jian Kang Wen, Xing Yu Liu

Abstract: An integrated sulfate reducing process was used to treat Acid Mine Drainage with high concentrations of Cu2+, Fe and SO42-. The water...


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