Biohydrometallurgy 2009

Volumes 71-73

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: E.R. Mejía, J.D. Ospina, M.A. Márquez, A.L. Morales

Abstract: Chalcopyrite bioleaching process using Acidithiobacillus ferrooxidans and a mixed culture of Acidithiobacillus ferrooxidans and...

Authors: P. Oyarzun, V. Gautier, M. Reich, T. Vargas

Abstract: In the present work the occurrence of surface transformations triggered during chemical and biological leaching of chalcopyrite at 70 °C in...

Authors: D. Cautivo, J.C. Gentina

Abstract: Bioleaching of secondary sulfides is a technical and economical well established bioprocess. However in the case of bioleaching of primary...

Authors: Daniela G. Horta, Heloísa A. Acciari, Denise Bevilaqua, Assis Vicente Benedetti, Oswaldo Garcia Jr.

Abstract: It is believed that the dissolution of chalcopyrite (CuFeS2) in acid medium can be accelerated by the addition of Cl- ions, which modify the...

Authors: Biao Wu, Jian Kang Wen, Gui Ying Zhou, Ren Man Ruan

Abstract: Based on the bioleaching mechanism and electrochemical studies of metal sulfides, the dissolution rate of secondary copper sulfides and...

Authors: Jochen Petersen, Sanet H. Minnaar, Chris A. du Plessis

Abstract: During large-scale column tests at BHP Billiton’s Johannesburg Technology Centre (JTC) during 2005/6 on a low-grade copper ore, the...

Authors: Wen Qing Qin, Yan Sheng Zhang, Shi Jie Zhen, Jun Wang, Jian Wen Zhang, Guan Zhou Qiu

Abstract: The effects of several variables on the column bioleaching of copper sulphide ore have been investigated. The copper ore contained...

Authors: Robert P. van Hille, L.V. Bromfield, S.S. Botha, Gavin Jones, A.W. van Zyl, Susan T.L. Harrison

Abstract: Heap bioleaching operations are often faced with extended and unpredictable lag periods after inoculation, prior to the establishment of a...

Authors: Wen Qing Qin, Jun Wang, Yan Sheng Zhang, Shi Jie Zhen, He Shang, Qian Liu, Hai Bin Shi, Jian Wen Zhang, Guan Zhou Qiu

Abstract: In this work, the monitoring of bacterial and chemical dissolution of massive bornite was performed using cyclic voltammetry (CV); the...

Authors: B. Escobar, L. Quiroz, T. Vargas

Abstract: The effect of two flotation reagents: isopropyl- and ethyl-xanthates and two solvent extraction reagents (SX): Lix 984 and Lix 860IC on the...


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