Biohydrometallurgy 2009

Volumes 71-73

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Alexa Muñoz, Denise Bevilaqua, Oswaldo Garcia Jr.

Abstract: The objective of this work is to evaluate the acidic and biological leaching of tailings containing Ni/Cu from a flotation and smelting...

Authors: C. Frías, F. Sánchez, D. Martín, G. Díaz, S. Sanguilinda

Abstract: Indirect bioleaching is a biotechnology that presents important advantages when apply to bioprocessing of zinc and zinc polymetallic...

Authors: B. Escobar, S. Buccicardi, G. Morales, J.V. Wiertz

Abstract: Chilean copper production has been growing in the last 20 years reaching an annual production of 5,557,000 tons of Cu in 2007. For each ton...

Authors: Lasse Ahonen, Pauliina Nurmi, Olli H. Tuovinen

Abstract: Geochemical modeling program PHREEQC was used to simulate generic bioleaching processes. Carbonate minerals (e.g., calcite) dissolve in acid...

Authors: Pauliina Nurmi, Lasse Ahonen, Olli H. Tuovinen

Abstract: In this study the effects of pH and temperature on iron solubility were predicted using the geochemical modelling code PHREEQC and the...

Authors: Olli H. Tuovinen, Pauliina Nurmi, Lasse Ahonen

Abstract: The purpose of this study was to model, based on thermodynamic equilibrium constants, the effects of chloride and phosphate ion on the...

Authors: G. Gu, Li Jun Su, Guan Zhou Qiu, Y. Hu

Abstract: Acidithiobacillus caldus and Leptospirillum ferriphilum cells grown in different energy substances (ferrous ion, sulfur and pyrite) were...

Authors: K.A. Mchibwa, Sehliselo Ndlovu, S. Iyuke

Abstract: Thermophilic micro-organisms are known to oxidise pyrite and other iron sulphide minerals resulting in the production of acidic ferric...

Authors: Ya Jie Liu, Jiang Li, Xue Li Li, Wei Jun Shi, Zhan Xue Sun, Ling Ling Xu, Jin Hui Liu, Feng Gao

Abstract: This study examined bioleaching of uranium ore at different acid concentrations by a novel consortium culture combined with both mesophilic...

Authors: J.R. Van Deventer, Bernie Gigas

Abstract: The paper describes the evaluation of a new mixer system developed in conjunction with SPX Process Equipment for the BIOX® process. Five...


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