Biohydrometallurgy 2009

Volumes 71-73

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jaime M. Tapia, J.A. Muñoz, F. González, M. Luisa Blázquez, Antonio Ballester

Abstract: The interrelation between cells and extracellular polymeric substances (EPS) from the acidophilic bacterium Acidiphilium 3.2Sup(5) was...

Authors: T. Vargas, P. Diáz, B. Escobar

Abstract: Ferrous iron oxidation studies in the presence of activated carbon were conducted at 30 °C in basal medium at pH 1.6 with a pure strain of...

Authors: Wolfgang Sand, Bianca M. Florian, Nanni Noël

Abstract: The understanding of mechanisms, by which microorganisms are effecting the dissolution of metal sulfides, what in general is called...

Authors: Jochen Petersen

Abstract: This paper gives a brief introduction to the modelling of bioleach processes developed from a careful analysis of the fundamental process...

Authors: James A. Brierley, M.C. Kuhn

Abstract: The importance of comprehensive laboratory evaluation for development of an ore body to commercial processing using biohydrometallurgy...

Authors: K. Hanumantha Rao, Annamaria Vilinska, I.V. Chernyshova

Abstract: Conventionally, physico-chemical methods are used in mineral processing for recovering value minerals from ores. The ageing of ore...

Authors: J. Huergo, C. Bernardelli, M. Viera, Wolfgang Sand, Edgardo R. Donati

Abstract: Bioleaching is the biological conversion of an insoluble metal compound into a water soluble form. In this process metal sulfides are...

Authors: Soeren Bellenberg, Bianca M. Florian, Mario A. Vera, Thore Rohwerder, Wolfgang Sand

Abstract: The aim of this study was to investigate interspecies interaction by quantifying pyrite dissolution and to visualize the colonization of...

Authors: Bianca M. Florian, Nanni Noël, Soeren Bellenberg, J. Huergo, Thore Rohwerder, Wolfgang Sand

Abstract: The aim of the study was to quantify and to visualize colonization of metal sulfides by pure and mixed cultures. Strains of the genera...

Authors: N. Gorham, T. Becker, Denis W. Shiers, Helen R. Watling

Abstract: Ex-situ and in-situ Tapping Mode AFM were used to investigate responses of attached bacteria to stressful conditions. For ex-situ...


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