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Authors: M. Esparza, B. Bowien, Eugenia Jedlicki, David S. Holmes
Abstract:Acidithiobacillus ferrooxidans is an obligately chemolithoautotrophic, -proteobacterium that fixes CO2 by the Calvin-Benson-Bassham (CBB)...
Authors: F. Duarte, R. Araya-Secchi, W. González, T. Perez-Acle, D. González-Nilo, David S. Holmes
Abstract:We wish to understand how membrane proteins function in extremely acid conditions (
Authors: Jorge H. Valdés, David S. Holmes
Abstract:Advances in DNA sequencing technologies have promoted the use of genome information as a key component in most of biological studies. In the...
Authors: Juan Pablo Cárdenas, Verónica Martínez, P. Covarrubias, David S. Holmes, Raquel Quatrini
Abstract:Previous physiological studies of the genus Ferroplasma have indicated that these microorganisms are capable of fixing CO2 in the presence of...
Authors: M. Castro, Lina María Ruíz, A. Barriga, Carlos A. Jerez, David S. Holmes, Nicolas Guiliani
Abstract:Acidithiobacillus ferrooxidans, A. thiooxidans, and A. caldus are acidophilic Gram-negative -proteobacteria involved in the bioleaching of...
Authors: Francisco Remonsellez, M. Moreno-Paz, V. Parro, Cecilia S. Demergasso
Abstract:Heap bioleaching is presently the most successful technology for copper extraction from low-grade sulfide ores. Metabolic behaviors and...
Authors: L. Olmos, M. Muñoz, F. Galleguillos, Francisco Remonsellez, M. Serón, Claudio Meneses, Cecilia S. Demergasso
Abstract:A strategy for the monitoring and control of genetic expression in an industrial bioleaching process of copper sulphide minerals is developed...
Authors: Kayley M. Usher, Jeremy A. Shaw, Jason J. Plumb, Martin Saunders
Abstract:The composition and distribution of elements within cells of two species of Fe and S oxidising microbes utilising S, Fe2+ or chalcopyrite...
Authors: Claudia Janosch, Christian Thyssen, Mario A. Vera, Violaine Bonnefoy, Thore Rohwerder, Wolfgang Sand
Abstract:The elemental sulfur oxidising enzyme Sulfur Oxygenase Reductase (SOR) is very well investigated in acidothermophilic archaea, such as...
Authors: Taher M. Taha, Fumiaki Takeuchi, Tsuyoshi Sugio
Abstract:It is mysterious that, when A. ferrooxidans ATCC 23270 cells grow on elemental sulfur, they have high iron oxidase activity comparable to...
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