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Authors: Christopher G. Bryan, Catherine Joulian, P. Spolaore, S. Challan-Belval, H. El Achbouni, Dominique H.R. Morin, P. D'Hugues
Authors: A. Echeverría, Cecilia S. Demergasso
Abstract:The adhesion of microorganisms to minerals is one of the least understood aspects of bioleaching processes. Mineral and microorganism type...
Authors: P. Chiacchiarini, L. Lavalle, Alejandra Giaveno, Edgardo R. Donati
Abstract:This work presents an overview of the physicochemical and biological studies carried out along Rio Agrio and in different hot springs...
Authors: Alejandra Giaveno, J. Huergo, L. Lavalle, Wolfgang Sand, Edgardo R. Donati
Abstract:This report describes the detection and identification of archaea in several sites located in the area of Copahue volcano, Neuquén province,...
Authors: H.M. Siebert, Thore Rohwerder, Wolfgang Sand, M. Strzodka, K.P. Stahmann
Abstract:The largest lignite mining area in Europe is located 150 km southeast of Berlin. Acidic lakes exist in this area, known to be caused by...
Authors: M. Patel, D.R. Tipre, Shailesh R. Dave
Abstract:Microbial diversity studies of lignite mines of Rajpardi, Amod, Tadkeshwar and Panandhro, Gujarat, India, were carried out by substrate...
Authors: Vladimir P. Beškoski, P. Papić, V. Dragišić, V. Matić, Miroslav M. Vrvić
Abstract:The biogeochemical activity of microorganisms from sulphide biogeocoenosis in the zones of sulphide copper ores deposits in East Serbia has...
Authors: A. García-Moyano, E. González-Toril, R. Amils
Abstract:Rio Tinto, a natural extreme acidic environment with a rather constant acidic pH and a high concentration of heavy metals, is the product of...
Authors: E. González-Toril, A. Aguilera, V. Souza-Egipsy, M. Diez Ercilla, Enrique López-Pamo, F.J. Sánchez-España, R. Amils
Abstract:A 1.2 km long effluent from La Zarza-Perrunal mine (Iberian Pyritic Belt, IPB) was characterized and compared with Río Tinto. In La Zarza...
Authors: L. Alves, C. Bernardelli, V.A. Leão, M.C. Teixeira, Edgardo R. Donati
Abstract:The aim of this work was to determine the microbial diversity of the acid mine drainage (AMD) material collected at an abandoned pyrite mine...
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