Biohydrometallurgy 2009

Volumes 71-73

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Axel Schippers, Dagmar Kock

Abstract: The geomicrobiology of sulfidic mine dumps is reviewed. More than 30 microbiological studies of sulfidic mine dumps have been published....

Authors: Xue Hui Xie, Sheng Mu Xiao, Jian She Liu

Abstract: The composition of microbial communities in five acid mine water samples were studied, using culture-independent 16S rDNA based cloning and...

Authors: Anja Breuker, Anna Blazejak, Klaus Bosecker, Axel Schippers

Abstract: More than 100 cultures of acidophilic Fe(II)- and/or sulfur-oxidizing microorganisms from mine waste dumps in 10 different countries all...

Authors: X. Liu, Bo Wei Chen, Jian Kang Wen

Abstract: The distribution and diversity of acidophilic microbe at the ore surface of Zijinshan commercial low-grade copper bioleaching heap operated...

Authors: Pedro Antonio Galleguillos, Kevin B. Hallberg, D. Barrie Johnson

Abstract: The Escondida mine, located in northern Chile, is the largest copper producing mine in the world. It has an abundant low-grade (ca. 0.5% Cu)...

Authors: Pamela Soto, Claudio Meneses, Y. Contador, Pedro A. Galleguillos, Cecilia Demergasso, M. Serón

Abstract: In order to explore new options to optimize the low-grade copper ore bioleaching process, it is important to understand the kinetics of...

Authors: V. Zepeda, F. Galleguillos, V. Urtuvia, J. Molina, Cecilia Demergasso

Abstract: The study of microbial populations of biohydrometallurgic processes is generally more focused on the solutions involved than on the...

Authors: Inez J.T. Dinkla, Mariekie Gericke, B.K. Geurkink, Kevin B. Hallberg

Abstract: Bioleaching test work was performed in continuously operated multi-stage reactor systems at 70°C using a thermophilic culture treating an...

Authors: L.A. Mutch, Helen R. Watling, Elizabeth L.J. Watkin

Abstract: Terminal Restriction Fragment Length Polymorphism (T-RFLP) was used to determine the diversity of the bacterial and archaeal populations in...

Authors: Paul R. Norris, James Le C. Nicolle, L. Calvo-Bado, V. Angelatou

Abstract: Thermotolerant “Thiobacillus prosperus”-like bacteria were enriched from warm, acidic sediments of the island of Milos in the Aegean Sea....


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