Multi-Functional Materials and Structures II

Volumes 79-82

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xin Zheng An, Cheng Yi, Rui Xue Du

Abstract: The analyses of concrete from a bridge in Handan district shows that most bridges concrete should have cracked. The study of the technical...

Authors: Hong Xi Zhu, Jun Ding, Cheng Ji Deng, Shao Wei Zhang

Abstract: In the present work, biomorphic TiC/C ceramic with a woodlike structure was synthesized from wood template. The TiC coatings were formed on...

Authors: Cheng Ji Deng, Wei Zhou, Hong Xi Zhu, Yi Yu

Abstract: Al8B4C7 should be a successful antioxidant in carbon-containing refractories, and it have excellent hydration resistance. In this paper, the...

Authors: Z.Y. Wu, T.Y. Yeh, R.K. Shiue

Abstract: Infrared heating is featured with a high heating rate up to 50oC/s. It is a very powerful tool applied in brazing application, so infrared...

Authors: Yun Lin Chen, Hai Wei Li, Yuan An Li

Abstract: Using the tightly focused visible light (wavelength λ=488nm) illuminating, the ferroelectric domain patterns of the undoped lithium niobate...

Authors: Hao Jun Zhou, Jiong Wang, Su Xiang Qian, Xue Zheng Jiang

Abstract: Its primary purpose of this study is to provide a comprehensive investigation on its dynamic performance of MR damper under high impact...

Authors: Wan Zhen Wang, Ren Quan Su, Xin Tang Wang, Xiang Feng

Abstract: To study rupture mechanism of structural steel, fracture experiments were tested on 12 notched plates with different thickness. The results...

Authors: L. Qin, W.J. Yu

Abstract: Reconstituted bamboo Lumber suffers surface and mechanical properties degradation after exposure to outdoor environment. In this paper,...

Authors: Mohan Trada, Harry Ku, Jayant Vedhar

Abstract: A commercial phenol formaldehyde based resole thermosetting resin supplied by Borden Chemical Australia Pty. was filled with ceramic-based...

Authors: Zhi Feng Wang, Wei Min Zhao, Xiao Ping Lin, Bo Young Hur

Abstract: In-situ spherical icosahedral quasicrystal phase (I-phase) was fabricated in Mg-Zn-Y-based alloys by metal mold casting route. The effects...


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