Multi-Functional Materials and Structures II

Volumes 79-82

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Hong Liang Li, Rui Zhang

Abstract: Circular lining is used widely in structure design. In this paper, the method of Green’s function is used to investigate the problem of far...

Authors: Zhi Qiu Zhang, Wen Fang Yang, Zhen Ya Gu, Rui Ting Huo

Abstract: Lotus effect is well-known to be governed by chemical properties and nanotextures of the surfaces. In this paper, a method with two-steps...

Authors: Yong Sheng Ren, Shu Lian Yang, Ting Riu Liu, Xiao Hui Wang

Abstract: The constitutive equations relating cross-sectional loads(forces and moments)to cross-sectional displacements(stretching, bending, twisting)...

Authors: Gui Fang Sun, Chang Sheng Liu, Jing Liang, Jun Hua Zhou, Xing Qi Tao

Abstract: The laser surface alloying(LSA) technique was firstly used to form wear resistant layers on nodular cast iron rolls with two different...

Authors: Li Bin Niu, Yun Hua Xu, Hong Wu

Abstract: In the paper, tungsten carbide (WC) particles can be in-situ synthesized by applying electromagnetic field to the system consisting of...

Authors: Huai Yao, Qiao Yu Xu, Jing You Tang

Abstract: Experiments using a planar metal disc flyer driven by explosives and a cylindrical chamber was designed to synthesize cubic silicon nitride...

Authors: Sang Lae Lee, Ji Hwan Kim

Abstract: In this study, thermal post-buckling behaviors and linear flutter analysis of Functionally Graded(FG) panels with structural damping under a...

Authors: Zhi Feng Lin, Shu Fang Zhang, Dun Zhang

Abstract: A supramolecular compound, Co(C5H4NCOO)2(H2O)2∙2H2O was hydrothermally synthesized and characterized by elemental analysis, infrared...

Authors: Qi Bao, Shu Fang Zhang, Dun Zhang

Abstract: Two new microporous polyoxomolybdates of (NH4)2[γ-Mo8O26] (Compound I) and (NH4)2[Mo4O13] (Compound II) were synthesized hydrothermally and...

Authors: Jing Yang Li, Hong Qiang Ru

Abstract: The SiC/Cu composite was prepared by the method, which is patented in China, casting the metal into the SiC skeleton in a special furnace at...


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