Multi-Functional Materials and Structures II

Volumes 79-82

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ching Hsin Chang, Ku En Ting, Kuen Tsan Chen

Abstract: The flight mechanics of dragonflies including hovering and taking off backwards, flight sideways and vertical directions has been attentions...

Authors: Li Yang, Yu Wang, Qing Ming Zhang, Zhi Peng Du

Abstract: As a new type of protection design, composite armor structures have good performance in impact resistance, and have been widely used in ship...

Authors: Shou Gang Chen, Wei Wei Sun, Shuai Qin Yu, Xun Jun Yin, Yan Sheng Yin

Abstract: Theoretical study on the electronic structure of small FemAln(m+n=6) clusters has been carried out at the BPW91 level, and the electronic...

Authors: Liu Xiao, Wen Jun He, Yan Sheng Yin

Abstract: The lattice parameters, five independent elastic constants and the bulk modulus B on the applied pressure of hexagonal boron nitride (h-BN)...

Authors: Zhen Ni Du, Yong Cai Zhang

Abstract: Without the protection of inert gases or vacuum environment, rod-like Bi2S3 and cubic-shaped PbS microcrystals were synthesized directly via...

Authors: Fang Wang, Yu Qing Wei, Zhi Qian Chen

Abstract: In this article a methodology based upon micromechanical analysis of multiple damage events is developed to predict stress-strain response...

Authors: Lai Xue Pang, De Jin Xing, Ai Qin Zhang, Jing Xu, Shi Shuang Sun

Abstract: Multi-walled carbon nanotubes (MWNTs)-Fe3Al was prepared by spark plasma sintering. Microstructural investigations show that MWNT remains in...

Authors: Yan Hua Cai

Abstract: A novel synthesis method on solvent-free reaction using improved jet milling was described. Synthesis of a schiff base derived from...

Authors: Yu Zhong Zhang, Ru Jia, Hong Li

Abstract: Ion exchange resin (IER) mixed polyethersulfone (PES) hybrid membranes were prepared by a phase inversion method, using...

Authors: Yang Jian Xu, Dai Hui Tu

Abstract: A NFE model is constructed to analyze the convective heat transfer steady thermal stress in a ceramic/FGM/metal composite EFBC plate with...


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