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Authors: Yu.A. Lyashenko, V.V. Bogdanov
Abstract:A method of the determining of the mutual diffusion coefficients in ternary intermediate phases is suggested. Methodology for determination...
Authors: Afina Lupulescu, Martin E. Glicksman, Srividya Kailasam
Authors: Régis Bouchet, Rémy Mévrel
Abstract:A new inverse method is applied for the determination of interdiffusion coefficients in b- NiAl(Pt) and b-NiAl(Pd). The results show that...
Authors: Gilles Adjanor, Manuel Athènes
Authors: Robert Filipek
Abstract:The application of the Danielewski-Holly model of interdiffusion for modelling of selective and concurrent oxidation of multi-component...
Authors: Robert Filipek, Krzysztof Szyszkiewicz
Authors: Chan Gyu Lee, Jung Han Lee, Byeong Seon Lee, Yong Ill Lee, Toshitada Shimozaki, Takahisa Okino
Abstract:The impurity diffusion coefficients of Cu in Fe have been determined in the temperature range of 1073 - 1163 K by means of Laser Induced...
Authors: Yuri M. Mishin, Irina V. Belova, Graeme E. Murch
Authors: Antônio Claret Soares Sabioni, Antônio Márcio J.M. Daniel, W.A.A. Macedo, M.D. Martins, Anne Marie Huntz, François Jomard, A.I.C. Persiano
Abstract:Iron bulk self-diffusion coefficients were measured in Fe2O3 single crystals using an original methodology based on the utilization of 57Fe...
Authors: Eugene M. Tanguep Njiokep, Helmut Mehrer
Abstract:The tracer diffusivities of 22Na and 45Ca in two high-quality standard silica glasses have been measured in the temperature range between 473...
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