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Authors: J.R. Cahoon
Abstract:The "C" factor for the calculation of the relative activation energy for solute impurity diffusion using LeClaire's theory as modified by...
Authors: Layla Martin-Samos, Yves Limoge, J.P. Crocombette, Guido Roma, N. Richard
Authors: Ü. Ugaste
Abstract:The application of the effective interdiffusion coefficients for describing the interdiffusion process in ternary systems is discussed. It...
Authors: Guido Roma, Yves Limoge
Abstract:In this paper we propose a couple of experimental lines in order to probe specific features of oxygen and silicon diffusion in -quartz and...
Authors: Doris Vogtenhuber, Jana Houserova, Walter Wolf, Raimund Podloucky, Wolfgang Pfeiler, Wolfgang Püschl
Authors: Sébastien Garruchet, A. Hasnaoui, Olivier Politano, Tony Montesin, J. Marcos Salazar, G. Bertrand, H. Sabar
Abstract:In this paper we give a brief presentation of the approaches we have recently developed on the oxidation of metals. Firstly, we present an...
Authors: Marek Danielewski, M. Wakihara
Abstract:In the presence of strong external fields and steep gradients the flux formulae are not linear. The relation between the flux and the...
Authors: P. Hetman, K. Weron
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