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Authors: Jiří Čermák, Vĕra Rothová
Authors: Matthew O. Zacate, Gary S. Collins
Abstract:The jump frequency of Cd tracer atoms in pure and Al-doped b-Mn was determined from measurements of quadrupole relaxation using the method...
Authors: Fanny Dyment, Silvia Balart, Constanza Lugo, Rodolfo A. Pérez, Nicolás Di Lalla, Manuel J. Iribarren
Abstract:The self-diffusion of Ru in the temperature range of (1267-1373) K and the Ru diffusion in pure aluminum in the temperature range of...
Authors: Robert Filipek, Marek Danielewski, Renata Bachorczyk Nagy
Abstract:Interdiffusion in Co-Fe-Ni alloys was studied in 1373-1588 K temperature range. The Danielewski-Holly model was used for the description of...
Authors: Wolfgang Gruber, Günter Borchardt, Harald Schmidt, Mario Rudolphi, H. Baumann, P. Gerstel, A. Müller
Authors: Chan Gyu Lee, Ryusuke Nakamura, Toshitada Shimozaki, Takahisa Okino
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