Diffusion in Materials - DIMAT2004

Volumes 237-240

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/DDF.237-240

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Authors: Herbert Wolf, F. Wagner, Th. Wichert

Abstract: Ag and Cu diffused into CdTe exhibit unusual shapes of their concentration profiles, especially if the diffusion was performed under Cd...

Authors: Sergiy V. Divinski, Christian Herzig

Abstract: Diffusion of 64Cu, 59Fe, and 63Ni radiotracers has been measured in Cu–Fe–Ni alloys of different compositions at 1271 K. The measured...

Authors: Boris S. Bokstein, A.N. Smirnov

Abstract: Thermodynamic model is developed of which it follows that saturation value of solute segregated in grain boundary, provided all available...

Authors: Harald Schmidt, Günter Borchardt, Mario Rudolphi, H. Baumann, Michael Bruns, S. Weber, Hubert Scherrer

Abstract: The self-diffusion of nitrogen is investigated in polycrystalline thin silicon nitride films using a gas-exchange method (14N2/Si3 15N4) in...

Authors: Christian Rivero, Patrice Gergaud, Marc Gailhanou, Philippe Boivin, Pascal Fornara, Stephan Niel, Olivier Thomas

Abstract: Thin metal films react with silicon substrates to form various metal silicides. The sequence and kinetics of phase formation are still an...

Authors: Eugen Rabkin, Leonid M. Klinger

Abstract: We considered the flattening of perturbed surface of a thin stress-free polycrystalline film with columnar microstructure deposited on rigid...

Authors: Jean Marc Roussel, Pascal Bellon
Authors: J. Nyéki, G. Erdélyi, Christian Lexcellent, Jean Bernardini, Dezső L. Beke
Authors: Mukul Gupta, Ajay Gupta, Sujoy Chakravarty, Thomas Gutberlet

Abstract: Iron self-diffusion measurements in amorphous and nanocrystalline chemically homogenous multilayers (CHM) of FeZr/57FeZr, (with nm range...


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