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Authors: Robert Filipek, Marek Danielewski, E. Tyliszczak, M. Pawełkiewicz, S. Datta
Abstract:Aluminide diffusion coatings act as a remedy against the aggressive environments in which modern aero-gas turbines operate. Platinum addition...
Authors: D.S. Gertzricken, V.F. Mazanko, T.V. Zaporozhets, Andriy Gusak
Abstract:Pulse loading of diffusion couples leads to the formation of the broad metastable solid solutions. Under higher temperatures, combined with...
Authors: Céline Hin, Frédéric Soisson, Philippe Maugis
Abstract:The precipitation of niobium carbides in industrial steels is commonly used to control the recrystallization process or the amount of...
Authors: I. Beszeda, Dezső L. Beke, E.G. Gontier-Moya, Yuri S. Kaganovsky, D. Ianetz
Abstract:We propose a simple method for calculation of surface self-diffusion coefficients using kinetic data on the decay of thin films – void growth...
Authors: Ya. Matychak, O. Yeliseyeva, V. Fedirko, V. Tsisar
Abstract:Process of high-temperature (650°С) interaction of Cr(Si)-containing steel EP-823 with stagnant Pb melt containing oxygen (CО[Pb] » 10-5 -...
Authors: A.A. Mazilkin, Olga A. Kogtenkova, Boris B. Straumal, Ruslan Valiev, B. Baretzky
Abstract:Structure and phase composition of binary Al–Zn, Al–Mg and ternary Al–Zn–Mg alloys were studied before and after high pressure torsion (HPT)...
Authors: Faina Muktepavela, N. Zaporina
Abstract:Mechanical properties of interphase boundaries (IB), stability of defects and microstructure in heavily deformed binary eutectics (Al-Sn,...
Authors: Olga Kozlova, Alexey O. Rodin, D. Podgornyi, N. Normand
Abstract:The kinetics of liquid Ga penetration along grain boundaries in pure Al, Al-Mn (50 ppm Mn) and Al-Ga alloys (with concentration 0.7, 1 and...
Authors: Boris S. Bokstein, N. Kostel'tseva, A. Petelin, S. Rakov, Alexey O. Rodin
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