Diffusion in Materials - DIMAT2004

Volumes 237-240

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/DDF.237-240

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Authors: Jiří Svoboda, Jiří Vala, Ernst Gamsjäger, Franz Dieter Fischer
Authors: Vijaya Agarwala, Joanna Karwan-Baczewska

Abstract: Polycrystalline Ni3Al and TiAl are attractive materials for high temperature structural applications due to their stability in oxidizing and...

Authors: Frédéric Christien, Alain Barbu

Abstract: Irradiation of metals leads to the formation of point-defects (vacancies and selfinterstitials) that usually agglomerate in the form of...

Authors: Corinne Legros, Claude Carry, Sylvie Lartigue-Korinek, Paul Bowen

Abstract: By following the densification kinetics of nanocrystalline g alumina and corresponding microstructural evolution we showed that the...

Authors: Philippe Maugis, Frédéric Soisson, Ludovic Lae

Abstract: We test the main approximations of the classical laws for nucleation, growth and coarsening by comparison with atomistic simulations of the...

Authors: Krzysztof Wolski, N. Marie, V. Laporte, Pascal Berger, M. Biscondi

Abstract: A model Ni-Bi system has been used to investigate intergranular penetration (IGP) phenomenon. All experiments have been done on Ni 26°<110>...

Authors: V. Laporte, Krzysztof Wolski, Pascal Berger, A. Terlain, Gerard Santarini

Abstract: The consequences of the contact between liquid bismuth and a copper bicrystal are investigated at 500°C. Atoms of bismuth are shown to...

Authors: Yuri S. Kaganovsky, E. Mogilko, A. Ofir, A.A. Lipovskii, M. Rosenbluh

Abstract: Annealing in a hydrogen atmosphere of silicate glass plates doped by Ag+ ions leads to the reduction of silver to a metallic state (Ag0)...

Authors: A. Lodder

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