Diffusion in Solids and Liquids, DSL-2006 I

Volumes 258-260

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/DDF.258-260

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Authors: B. Baretzky, M. Friesel, A. Petelin, A.E. Shotanov, Boris B. Straumal

Abstract: The composition and microstructure of historic tongues and shallots from reed pipes of various Baroque organs have been studied. They...

Authors: André Miguel Barge Pontes Torres Terra, Jorge Alberto Valle da Silva, Ronaldo Glicério Cabral

Abstract: The main objective of this research is to develop a three-group neutron Albedo algorithm considering the up-scattering of neutrons in order...

Authors: Vladimir Traskine, Z. Skvortsova, Laurent Barrallier, Polina Volovitch, Alexandre Pertsov

Abstract: Orientational patterns of wetted grain boundaries (GB's) in stressed NaCl polycrystals have been used for describing the GB penetration...

Authors: Ignacy Wierszyłłowski

Abstract: A significant increase in durability of cryogenically treated tools after quenching was reported by a number of publications [1, 2]. As...

Authors: Ignacy Wierszyłłowski

Abstract: The paper presents the influence of the grain size and a little higher Cr content on the kinetics of austenite phase transformations during...

Authors: Danil V. Vaganov, Sergey N. Zhevnenko

Abstract: Grain boundary surface tension and surface tension of free surface for pure copper and copper-tin alloys are measured. On the base of these...

Authors: Maya Radune, D. Ophir, Alex Lugovskoy, Michael Zinigrad, Dan Eliezer

Abstract: The purpose of the present work is to investigate the mutual interaction between the melted metal and oxide phases with a small amount of...

Authors: Francette Thominette, Emmanuelle Gaudichet-Maurin, Jacques Verdu

Abstract: The relationships between polymer structure and water diffusivity have been investigated in four structural series: amine-epoxyde networks...

Authors: Katell Derrien, Pierre Gilormini

Abstract: When moisture uptake in a polymer is associated with swelling, it induces stresses which interact with the entire diffusion process. This...

Authors: Sylvain Popineau, C. Rondeau-Mouro, Christine Sulpice-Gaillet, Martin E.R. Shanahan

Abstract: Water diffusion in polymers can often be approximated by a Fickian description, but a 2- phase model was proposed some years ago by Carter...


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