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Authors: Eddy Simoen, Cor Claeys, Jan Vanhellemont
Abstract:This paper aims at reviewing the possibilities of using p-n junction diodes for lifetime and defect analysis in semiconductor materials. In...
Authors: Dmitri V. Lioubtchenko, Tatiana A. Briantseva, I.A. Markov, Tim J. Bullough
Abstract:In this work microrelief transformation of the (001) GaAs surface due to thin Al film deposition by means of the CBE method has been...
Authors: Vitor J.B. Torres, J. Coutinho, Patrick R. Briddon
Abstract:We have investigated the hydrogenation of the zinc acceptor in GaP and InP, and of the phosphorus acceptor in ZnTe, by computer modeling. We...
Authors: Li Qun Chen, Zheng Chen Qiu
Abstract:Using the first-principles self-consistent discrete variational method based upon density functional theory, we investigated the energetics...
Authors: Ya. Matychak, V. Fedirko, A. Prytula, I. Pohreljuk
Abstract:This paper deals with the development of a theoretical model for reactive diffusion during new-phase formation when its volume fraction is...
Authors: M.A. Abdel-Rahman, M.S. Abdallah, Emad A. Badawi
Abstract:Positron annihilation lifetime spectroscopy (PALS) is one of the nuclear techniques used in material science. (PALT) measurements are used...
Authors: Yu.A. Lyashenko, N.V. Zaitzeva, O.A. Shmatko
Abstract:A model of discontinuous precipitation in binary polycrystalline alloys at low temperatures is presented. The proposed approach allows...
Authors: M. Vasylyev, Sergey I. Sidorenko, S.M. Voloshko, V. Kostiuchenko, I.E. Kotenko
Abstract:Low-temperature diffusion in thin films of the stable isotopes, 56Fe/57Fe, was studied by applying secondary ion mass spectrometry (SIMS)....
Authors: Shao Yi Wu, Qiang Fu, Guang Duo Lu, Jin Song Yao
Abstract:The axial displacements for Co2+ and Ni3+ in Al2O3 are theoretically investigated starting from the perturbation formulas of the EPR...
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