Diffusion and Thermodynamics of Materials

Volume 263

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/DDF.263

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Authors: Irina V. Belova, Graeme E. Murch

Abstract: Tracer diffusion experiments have historically furnished much of the information about fundamental diffusion processes as embodied in such...

Authors: Gerhard Inden

Abstract: The simulation of diffusion-controlled transformations in multi-component systems is presented using the software DICTRA. It is shown that...

Authors: Tetsuo Mohri, Munekazu Ohno, Ying Chen

Abstract: First principles calculations have been applied in various fields in Materials Science. The authors have been attempting to reproduce a...

Authors: Alfred Peter Miodownik, N. Saunders, J.P. Schille, Zhan Li Guo

Abstract: Many Aluminium alloys use the precipitation of metastable phases to generate optimum properties. The effect of including additional...

Authors: Veronique Pierron-Bohnes, R.V.P. Montsouka, Christine Goyhenex, T. Mehaddene, Leila Messad, H. Bouzar, Hiroshi Numakura, Katsushi Tanaka, B. Hennion

Abstract: Ferromagnetic L10 ordered alloys are extensively studied nowadays as good candidates for high density magnetic storage media due to their...

Authors: Harald Schmidt, Mukul Gupta, Udo Geckle, Michael Bruns

Abstract: The self-diffusion of nitrogen is studied in amorphous silicon nitride, which is a model system for a covalently bound amorphous solid with...

Authors: Yuri S. Kaganovsky, A.A. Lipovskii, M. Rosenbluh, V. Zhurikhina

Abstract: In the course of reactive diffusion of hydrogen in metal-doped glasses, at some conditions, metallic nanoparticles grow forming...

Authors: Wolfgang Gruber, Günter Borchardt, Harald Schmidt

Abstract: In this work we investigated the mobility of hydrogen in amorphous ceramics with the composition Si13B13C60N13 (AM26C). The material was...

Authors: Vladimir V. Popov, V.N. Kaigorodov, E.N. Popova, A.V. Stolbovsky

Abstract: The properties of grain boundary cores and adjacent areas in polycrystalline Nb manufactured by rolling with subsequent recrystallization...

Authors: Vasil I. Dybkov

Abstract: A physico-chemical consideration of the interfacial interaction and diffusion resulting in the formation of chemical compound layers at the...


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